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How to run a workshop

No, it's not just office clickbait. It's three points on not sucking at workshops.

Queron Jephcott

Inside the Windows 10 Insider Program

Windows 10 Insider is a epitome of why you still use a desktop to get things done.

Queron Jephcott

Getting clever with Axure’s push/pull widgets

Axure's push/pull is a great addition for speedy wireframes, however there's one constraint that can have you pulling your hair out!

Queron Jephcott

The Verge, I mean iVerge

The Verge has often been accused of being a little bit pro-Apple, but today's home page is something else...

Queron Jephcott

Is bigger actually better?

I’m just another person who made fun of phablets… then got one.

Queron Jephcott

February horoscopes

Astrology wouldn't have 'logy' in it if it wasn't science.

Queron Jephcott

Top Axure adaptive view layouts

Stuck on which Axure adaptive view layout is best?

Queron Jephcott

CES2015: Fitness, wireless earphones, crazy cars and fixing the TV

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) yet again, shows us the future of consumer tech.

Queron Jephcott

Another Android 5.0 Lollipop review

This isn't your usual review.

Queron Jephcott

A morning with John Allsopp

John Allsopp from Web Directions drops in to have a chat...

Queron Jephcott Team : User Experience and Information Architecture Featured

Web Directions 2014 kicks off!

The team is back again for the 10th anniversary...

Queron Jephcott

Get your notes in one place

Ditch that notebook and stop loosing notes!

Queron Jephcott

More proof Google doesn’t like SEO

We all know Google is smart. Too smart for us to keep trying to trick it with old SEO practices.

Queron Jephcott

It's Friday!

Everyone loves Friday! Even Rob.

Queron Jephcott

Websites vs Systems

How is a website different from a system and why should I care?

Queron Jephcott Team : User Experience and Information Architecture Tags : Usability User Experience Featured

Standardising the web: The navigation edition

Standardising the web is rare. Will the standardisation of navigation make it? Is the hamburger menu attempting to do just that. Is it work?

Queron Jephcott

What will Google Maps and Uber mean for New South Wales?

Google has yet again updated it Android and iOS apps, but this time it's Uber integration that's the big feature.

Queron Jephcott

Getting project assumptions right

Assumptions are an important part of any thinking, but only if we write them down.

Queron Jephcott Team : User Experience and Information Architecture Tags : Web Design Web Development CSS Usability User Experience Featured

What does responsive web design mean?

Responsive web design is the buzz word at the moment, but what does it actually mean? How do you decide if a website is responsive? Before we answer these questions, we need to step back and define the word 'responsive'.

Queron Jephcott

Things that nobody needs

"Those glasses are tots too heavy for you..."

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Accessibility in Private Business

WCAG 1.0 is almost 15 years old, so where is everyone upto in the world of web accessibility?

Queron Jephcott

Looking for something special for Xmas?

We all hate Christmas shopping at 10:45pm on December 24th. Plan ahead and use someone else's thoughtful gift idea!

Queron Jephcott Team : User Experience and Information Architecture Tags : Technology Web Development User Experience Featured

We're at Web Directions South 2013

The Wiliam team head to Web Directions South 2013 to get inspired!

Queron Jephcott

Will we ever be wowed by mobile operating systems again?

The rise of the smart phone has been a fun ride, but is it now loosing its wow factor?

Queron Jephcott

Chrome OS is almost running on top of Windows

Most aspects of Chrome OS is now running inside Windows.

Queron Jephcott

Axure 7.0 beta has so many shortcuts that I know I’m doing things the slow way

Axure 7.0 beta is in the works and the biggest change isn't adaptive views, it's shortcuts.

Queron Jephcott

The rise and fall of the smartwatch

Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy Gear, a smartwatch that not only connects to one of two Samsung devices, it carries a list of annoyances that fail to define the smartwatch as 'necessary'.

Queron Jephcott

What does Oppo and CyanogenMod partnership mean for Android?

Oppo and people who brought you CyanogenMod, now called Cyanogen Inc., have partnered together to release an Android phone with very best of the Android romming community.

Queron Jephcott Team : User Experience and Information Architecture Tags : Clients Media News Featured

Qantas Cash - Launch Party

Together with Qantas and MasterCard, we celebrated the launch of the Qantas Cash website last night, the 27th September 2013.

Queron Jephcott Team : User Experience and Information Architecture Tags : Web Design Information Architecture News User Experience Featured

Axure RP 7.0 is around the corner, but…

Axure RP 7.0 is in beta and will be released soon to replace 6.5. There's one new feature that's not great.

Queron Jephcott Team : User Experience and Information Architecture Tags : Technology User Experience Featured

How do you define which browsers are 'optimised' versus 'usable'?

When we scope a website, we need to define what browsers we will optimise the website for versus those browsers that the website will operate satisfactorily. It really comes down to budgets.

Queron Jephcott

What user testing has taught me

User testing new website design, features, functions and processes is one of the best ways to understand whether you're on the right path or not. The only better way to understand what users think is to launch your work to the masses...

Queron Jephcott

Get proper vectors into your website

Get your logo looking clean from 320 pixels wide to 1920 pixels wide and you’re site will look ten times better for it.

Queron Jephcott

Designing the perfect checkout

In the world of prototyping, our UX team constantly finds itself tackling checkout pages.

Queron Jephcott

WebP pushes image compression further

The rise of streaming video across the Internet has pushed focus to video.

Queron Jephcott

Emerging standards for mobile web UI

Iconography is always hit and miss.

Queron Jephcott

Same-day delivery and ecommerce

Sounds incredible? Too good to be true?

Queron Jephcott

How big should you make your buttons for touch?

Targets are anything a user has to click; links, buttons, checkboxes, form fields, etc…

Queron Jephcott

Mobile life is a post-apocalyptic world

I love my 4g phone.

Queron Jephcott

What’s the biggest problem with “86 Percent of Users May Leave a Website When Asked to Create an Account”

The biggest problem with this statement (apart from the excessive title case), is ‘may’ is a weak word. What does ‘may’ mean?

Queron Jephcott

Will Windows 8 tablets take off?

I’m not an Android fanboy, an Android enthusiast if anything, but not a fanboy. If we’re pigeonholing, I’ll go with an Apple conscientious objector.

Queron Jephcott

Yet another Apple vs. Samsung patent reflection…

I don't like the Apple vs Samsung patent outcome one bit.

Queron Jephcott

Why your mobile site should still stay 320px wide

When we started designing mobile websites, 320px wide was definitely ingrained. It was all fun and games until Apple released the iPhone 4 and upped the resolution.

Queron Jephcott

The top 5 things to put in Axure 7

The ability to copy and paste cases as well as actions within cases saves heaps of time.

Queron Jephcott

Why Aren’t Android Users Browsing – Part 2

Recently, our managing director made some theoretical claims about Australia’s mobile phone saturation and how it’s reflected in society.

Queron Jephcott

How wide is your next web site?

In April of 2010 (well into the widescreen era), a company in Cupertino, California called Apple Inc. decided to release their iPad with a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. Forever locking in the 960 pixel wide web site.

Queron Jephcott

The world’s second most popular browser is coming to Android

Due to the development of Google’s Chrome OS, it was unsure if Chrome (the browser) would make it to the Android platform. However, for whatever reason, it has. And it’s fast!

Queron Jephcott

Is 4g actually much faster?

The data speeds achieved by 4G will change the game in world of mobile web.

Queron Jephcott

Android in Q1 2012

2012 will be another big year for mobile phones. Last year ended on a high with the release of Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the Google phone, Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Queron Jephcott

Mozilla Firefox optimises for Android tablets

Mozilla has broken through the mold again with the release of the tablet-optimised version Firefox, for Android of course.

Queron Jephcott

Trying to ditch the functional specification – part 2

I’m starting my series of blogs by heading back to basics…

Queron Jephcott

Trying to ditch the functional specification...

I’m putting myself on the path to find this better way and it’s going to be an adventure. Over the next couple of months, I’ll be looking into a range of user interface delivery methods that satisfy the client, our designers and our developers.

Queron Jephcott

The responsibility of innovation

1984 wasn’t like 1984, but 2011 looks a lot closer.

Queron Jephcott

When will Smart TV go open source?

As one of the office’s many Android phone users (and maybe one of the more passionate ones), I consider myself an advocate of the benefits of open source software. While the iOS vs Android debate will never die between myself and some of the hardline Apple fans in the office, I’m always interested to see where the decision to go ‘open source’ takes other platforms.

Queron Jephcott

Updating an Axure wireframe from scratch

As an interaction designer, a large proportion of my time at work is spent using Axure. Axure is a strong tool, helping us maintain consistency across our prototypes by utilising masters and dynamic panels. However, during the course of prototyping a web site, your Axure prototype can easily resemble a mash up of colours, panels and masters.

Queron Jephcott

Transaction reference numbers increase usability

I titled this blog so blatantly because it sounds like an oxymoron. A huge alphanumeric jumble of characters and the notion of increasing the usability of a web site doesn’t sound right.

Queron Jephcott

Where do form buttons belong?

We recently had some discussion regarding where button belong at the bottom of forms. If you don’t have time to read this whole post, here’s the quick answer: There isn’t one.

Queron Jephcott

How Hi is Lofi

As prototyping tools such as Axure increase in features, our prototypes are becoming more and more complicated.

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