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Josh Shardlow Team : Web Production Featured

Things to consider when starting a blog

Take a minute to consider a few factors that may determine if your blog will flounder or prosper

Matthew Bruce

Highrise view - how word gets around

Every now and again, you're reminded about how far-and-wide the Wiliam blog is read.

Matthew Bruce

It's nice to feel appreciated

A couple of months back I published a blog about cart abandonment technologies, and used 'Rejoiner' as a specific example that we had integrated for one of our major clients with tremendous, overnight success. Today I received a heart-felt thank you letter from the Rejoiner CEO himself. Chuffed!

Queron Jephcott

Get your notes in one place

Ditch that notebook and stop loosing notes!

Blog design

Blog designs can generally be split in to 2 main categories: those that show the full article contents on the homepage and those which show a synopsis only.

Corporate blogging – Things you MUST know now

Have you ever considered some of the detrimental factors of corporate blogging? We take a look at the key suspects.

5 mistakes I made when starting my own blog

I am not a big fan of the word ‘blogger’, it has connotations to a certain type of person – almost like the modern day journal keeper (we all don’t like those types) and that scares me.

Wordpress Blogs - A quick win for Marketers

The power of a Wordpress blog is often overlooked, it is not just another channel that ties up resources in your company. It can be the tipping point for numerous marketing initiatives - here are a few.

Asking customers to contribute to your blog

Asking your customers and existing database to write blog articles for you can be extremely beneficial for your marketing strategy, not to mention cost effective.

Why Businesses Should Avoid Free Blogging Services

Whether a beginning blogger or a seasoned expert there is one thing every blogger will need, a blog platform. When determining where to host a blog many individuals immediately turn to free services such as Blogger or LiveJournal. While the easy setup and lack of price tag may make these services an easy sell initially you may find that you get what you pay for in the long run.

Roslyn Zolandor

Responding to Negative Comments

If your blog has a regular readership then there’s a good chance your posts are generating comments. While this is a great way increase interest and involvement in your site, negative comments can quickly sour the atmosphere and damage your reputation.

The Benefits of Commenting on Blogs

Do you ever leave comments on the blogs you read? If not, you may want to consider engaging in this practice. Adding blog comments can offer several benefits

Twitter Breaks Records in Australia

By now you have heard of Twitter, a highly popular micro-blogging service. Have you set up your account yet? If not, you may soon find it a necessity to keep in line with your customers, clients and fellow businessmen.

Wiliam Staff

Extending Word Press with Plug-Ins

Word Press is a very popular platform for hosting your blog. While Word Press offers a wide range of publishing features out of the box, there are numerous free plug-ins available to extend the platform. Here are several you may want to consider if you are want to get the most out of your blog

Using Your Blog Title to Attract More Readers

In today’s fast paced society you often have but one opportunity to catch a reader’s attention. On the Internet this truth is further complicated by the overwhelming amount of information continually presented.

How To Create Blog Posts That Attract Readers

By now we all understand the basic benefits blogging can bring to your site. The search engine optimisation gains alone should be enough to convince you to invest in this area. Once you’ve picked your platform and devised a clever name for your blog you’ll find your hardest task still awaits. What can you write about that users will actually want to read?

Wiliam Staff

Your Blog’s Domain Name

How often have you seen a major corporation use or as a location for their blog?

Wiliam Staff

Strategy for Writing Blog Content

Sometimes it’s not what you write about – it’s how that presents a big challenge. Finding the right tone, approach, and style to attract the right audience is part science, part art.

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