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Jayde Smith Team : Web Production Featured

4 quick tips to optimize your conversion forms for better leads

It's going to be really hard to capture high-quality leads from your website without conversion forms. And by understanding the elements of a well optimised conversion path, you would realise that forms work best when placed on page with an offer or opportunity which visitors simply can't forget.

Natalie Ashes Team : Web Production Featured

A quick A/B test of landing pages; a client case study

You'll never never know, if you never never A/B Test!

Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

Kicking real goals in Information Technology

No, this is not another meaningless political slogan. I just want to tell a quick story about some fantastic work we've completed for one of our major clients. Something a bit out of the ordinary from what we normally boast about, and something our team is quite proud of. It also reminded me why we are in this game, the IT industry: to support the business.

Jayde Smith Team : Web Production Featured

Living with the iPhone 6 Plus

At the end of the day, the iPhone 6 Plus is too big for everyone to love it, but it's Apple's best phone to date and provides some real noticeable improvements for web browsing.

Matej Stolfa

Advanced JIRA tips and tricks

So you’ve grasped the Jira basics and know to steer clear of the 7 Deadly Sins of Using JIRA? It’s time to put your big boy pants, level up and start using JIRA like a PRO. Here are some tips and tricks you will save you a lot of time and impress your colleagues.

Less horrible work environments

Your working environment can greatly impact your productivity and attitude. In this article, I will be looking at the various aspects of your work space that you can maintain or change in order to make your life slightly less dreadful.

Matthew Bruce

Highrise view - how word gets around

Every now and again, you're reminded about how far-and-wide the Wiliam blog is read.

Jessica Kriklewicz

6 ways to reduce your websites bounce rate.

These tips are sure winners for reducing bounce rates on your website.

Jason King

Parallel code considerations

Be careful when sharing objects in parallel code.

Tom Nason

Performance – How high is it on your priority list?

Studies show that every additional 1 second in page load time results in a 7% loss in conversion. If you are running an e-commerce site, slow page loads directly affect your revenue. This isn’t big news. But how do you go about addressing performance issues?

Jason King

SQL dependency caching with Entity Framework

How invalidate an in memory cache with a SQL dependency

Vince Scordino

HTTP/2 is approaching at warp speed

From the early days of painful 33.6k dial-up, to high speed cable broadband and 4G, we’ve all experienced the highs and lows of internet speed. Well, the web is about to get faster!

Robert Beerworth

Why your agency should consider Special Ed

Training is a growing thing in our business, and Special Ed is my favourite.

So Su

Browser Link feature slows down my VS2013

Is your debugging slow? Maybe its the browser link feature slowing you down.

Matthew Cox

CourtesyFlush for web optimisation

At Wiliam we love web performance almost as much as we love a somewhat lowbrow double entendre, which is why we love CourtesyFlush.

Robert Beerworth

Metrics and benchmarks for startups: pity they probably don’t apply to you

Truth be known, I was so excited to stumble upon these numbers that I started writing my blog before I finished reading the original article. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm ended up fairly muted by the time I finished reading, though here is my blog anyway: for people who are excited by metrics like me, however high-level and inapplicable they might be.

Guy MacArthur

Great gift ideas for developers

‘Tis the season and your developers have worked (mostly) adequately the whole year. Time to lavish them with developer appropriate gifts. Here’s a few ideas to keep them happy… or rather, not-unhappy.

So Su

Enlightenment for websites

Clearing technical debt could be the path to enlightenment for your website.

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