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Why your agency should consider Special Ed

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Common Sense Performance

Just a quick post this morning, because the concept is pretty simple and I really wanted to share it with any other digital agencies that happened upon our blog.

A sign of the times, a reflection of the industry, something to do with our maturity or perhaps because the technologies and processes in our industry are in the greatest state flux since I can remember: training within our business (Wiliam) is at an all-time high.

We have digital consultants coming in to talk to us, we’re going on courses, we’re getting certified in different technologies, we have newly anointed Scrum Masters in the team and my favourite, we’re doing lots of internal training.

Well, perhaps less "training" than knowledge sharing and work-shopping and brainstorming.

Sometimes our "training" is ad hoc and just because, though every Wednesday without fail, a good handful of us get together for what we call Special Ed (Education).

Depending on the topic – as much as whether you’re at your desk trying to hit a deadline and unable to join in – will depend on who joins in.

Special Ed is run by a different person (or team of people) each week with a different topic, often an area of interest to the presenter or a reflection on work previously done for a client or on a project.

Last week, we did a great workshop on content strategy where we had to create mind maps around a known persona and a known topic:

We actually did it for a logistics client and the results were awesome. Certainly, it drilled home to me the importance of being the user when planning content, rather than thinking for the user:

The overall Special Ed program process has led to far greater collaboration and sharing.

And rather than departments having knowledge, it is flowing right across the business, and really leading all of us in our journey of personal development.

I highly recommend for your agency. Your people will thank you for it.

Ditto your clients.