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A bulletproof Google Analytics setup you can trust

4 major issues with a vanilla Google Analytics setup, and how to avoid them.

Tom Nason Team : Producer Tags : Web Development SEO

Meta tags in 2016 – Do they matter at all?

In an age of machine learning, artificial intelligence, hover boards and self-driving cars, are Google, Bing and Yahoo! still reliant on such primitive snippets of information?

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Measuring Customer Retention in Google Analytics

It’s common knowledge that the cost of acquiring new customers is often ten-fold that of keeping existing ones.

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Recruiting in Tech: We’re doing it wrong

These days “average” performance just doesn't cut it. To deliver bleeding-edge solutions that differentiate us from our competitors we need bleeding-edge people. Yet when it comes to expansion and hiring new staff, we use age old techniques and science tells us they just don’t work.

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Stand up and increase your team's productivity

Daily stand up meetings energize and empower teams to create better software.

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The importance of retrospectives

Retrospective sessions help us learn from our experiences and improve the way we work both independently and as a team. Getting together and discussing “how things went” is one approach but for the session to be truly valuable we need to add a little structure to the conversation.

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Unleashing the power of habit formation in 4 steps

Building a killer product? Learn how to apply proven psychological techniques to grow your user base.

Tom Nason Team : Producer Tags : Technology Business Management

A web based Microsoft Project alternative

Microsoft products can be useful, and their enormous market share means that everyone knows how to use them. But are they always the best tools for the job?

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Culture that fuels productivity

A brief look at old and new school approaches to team culture and the astounding benefits that many companies are afraid to explore.

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Is cart abandonment killing your business?

An example of an eCommerce site that NEARLY got it right. Learn what they did wrong and how you can avoid the same pitfalls.

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Performance – How high is it on your priority list?

Studies show that every additional 1 second in page load time results in a 7% loss in conversion. If you are running an e-commerce site, slow page loads directly affect your revenue. This isn’t big news. But how do you go about addressing performance issues?

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Wearables, web services and a little device called Pavlock

Last month I wrote an article highlighting the ease of creating web connected Pebble watch apps. Since then I’ve been keeping an eye out for other wearable devices that are designed to do interesting things with the help the internet.

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A killer campaign that was almost just another boring form

Forms can be boring. On paper we spend time carefully filling out tiny boxes hoping that the person (or machine) that’s receiving them can interpret our handwriting. Online we hope that our browser can remember enough of our personal information to get us at least half way there. We can’t get away from them but that doesn't mean they have to feel like a chore.

Tom Nason Team : Producer

Developing for wearables

With wearable tech making quite a splash in the media at the moment I thought it timely to write about a recent experiment of mine.

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