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Tom Nason Team : Project Manager Featured

Sprint Zero: Kicking off a Scrum project the right way

The goal of this initial preparatory Sprint is to front-load any work necessary to allow the teams to commence Sprint 1 effectively and without impediments. This includes preparing the Project Roadmap, creating the basic skeleton and plumbing for the project and readying the team for feature development.

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Featured

The importance of the value proposition to MVP; and starting with Lean UX

MVP gets spoken off plenty these days, though unless you’re an Internet guy or girl, you’ll need additional tools to allow you to achieve it. The ‘value proposition’ is the most important of these tools, backed by the lean UX process.

Wiliam Staff Team : Staff Featured

Competing for the Search Space’

In a recent article published in the Financial Review, Joshua Gliddon reports that Google’s search engine competitors are maneuvering in to gain a footing in the on-line search and directory space. However, are they making any ground on Google in terms of search engine power and know how?

Roanne Estacio

Importance of Clearly Defined Requirements

Imagine developing a software without requirements. How do you start? What do you develop? What do your stakeholders expect?

Edwin Antonian

See Think Do Framework 

Lesson, remove the “jump into bed with me now” experience, with “buy now” button.

Tom Nason

Stand up and increase your team's productivity

Daily stand up meetings energize and empower teams to create better software.

Tom Nason

The importance of retrospectives

Retrospective sessions help us learn from our experiences and improve the way we work both independently and as a team. Getting together and discussing “how things went” is one approach but for the session to be truly valuable we need to add a little structure to the conversation.

Tom Nason

Unleashing the power of habit formation in 4 steps

Building a killer product? Learn how to apply proven psychological techniques to grow your user base.

Tom Nason

A web based Microsoft Project alternative

Microsoft products can be useful, and their enormous market share means that everyone knows how to use them. But are they always the best tools for the job?

Josh Shardlow

Why your site needs a CMS

Not all sites are created equal. Websites that give their owner control over content will inevitably, over time outperform those without.

Fiona Li

Social Commerce is coming

None of us can deny the impacts of Social Media today, it has been a phenomenon right after appearing. It sweeps us to a new age, the Age of Social Network when almost all people around the world get involved. Are you addicted to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? How to use social media to grow your business?

So Su

Internet of Things

What is it?

Edwin Antonian

Brand free advertising, nothing new really…

‘The difference between products and brands is fundamental. A product is something that is made in a factory; a brand is something that is bought by a customer.'

Adam Tedeschi

Combining Design Thinking and Strategic Thinking

Under-thinking a problem can be just as devastating as over-thinking it

Kathleen Shrimpton

There’s no i in teamwork

Yes, I did just use a cliché title for this blog.

Josh Shardlow

Funding your new website

You've got a great business idea and you’re ready to turn it into reality. There’s just one small problem – building a new website can be expensive. Here’s a few ideas you may want to consider when looking to fund your new venture.

Bess Batterham

How the internet and mobile devices are being used in 2014

How is device use changing? How are people accessing media? How much are advertisers spending and on what?

Andrew Goldstiver

Are good ideas a distraction? How do you focus?

How do you create a project environment where ideas and creativity flourish, but scope creep doesn’t?

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