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Brand free advertising, nothing new really…

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McDonald’s Brand-Free Ad Campaign.

The latest ad campaign for US fast-food giant McDonald’s has one notable omission: Its brand. The concept of brands taking the 'Brand' out of adverts is not a new phenomenon.


In January 2013 London department store Selfridges & Co introduced the new store-wide concept No Noise. 

 'No Noise'. The idea was to sell limited edition logo-free products with the aim of encouraging customers to ‘seek tranquility in a world that bombards us with information’.


Again this was not the start of this idea. Years ago Adbusters launched BlackSpot shoes. The idea being to remove branding from the product in a saturated market. The Adbusters team believed Western society had become too materialistic and consumerism was running rampant.

The idea of no brand came from Naomi Klein’s Book titled No Logo.

‘The difference between products and brands is fundamental. A product is something that is made in a factory; a brand is something that is bought by a customer.'

Isn’t it ironic that the anti-corporatisation movement has produced ideas for adverts and concept stores for corporations.