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Sandra Stepien

Top picks from around the web #3

Ecommerce features to improve UX and redesigns to check out this week.

Sandra Stepien

How to design better forms

Whether we’re buying something online or signing up to an email list, forms are a part of our everyday lives. Use these 4 simple tips to help make forms user-friendly and frictionless.

Andrea James

Case Study: Improving Performance in Entity Framework with Stored Procedures

A step by step look at improving application performance in a custom .NET MVC website using Entity Framework.

Karl Hahn

Top 5 web development songs

Yes, it’s that time of the year. Time to list the top web development themed songs. Prepare to be entertained and inspired. Your brain will never be the same.

Karl Hahn

Implementing pages from design files

There are a lot of tutorials on the web on how to use HTML, CSS and Javascript. But it’s difficult to find one that teaches you the big picture, or the steps involved in a real task. This article will address the general work flow, as well as how to approach your code, to produce an accurate recreation of a design.

Matej Stolfa

7 Deadly Sins of Using JIRA - back to basics

A collection of basic mistakes that you should never make when using JIRA. So if you want to put "Working knowledge of JIRA" on your CV, make sure you are not committing any of these sins.

Karl Hahn

Auto-Generating Z-Indexes with SASS

Skipping to and from dozens of different lines and files within your project to ensure a correct z-index order can be cumbersome, error-prone and time consuming. Wouldn’t it be better if we could keep track of our z-indexes, all in the one place? Sure, we can keep them all in a block of code at the end of our main file, but we still need to manually fiddle with numbers. There’s an even better way with SASS.

Karl Hahn

Best Practices

Best practices are usually created in response to features being misused, which creates havoc for other programmers and the company they work for. In fact, most of the innovations or paradigms within the last 40 years have been based around restricting what you do with your technology.

Sandra Stepien

Top Picks From Around the Web #2

Here's some creative designs to check out this week.

Sandra Stepien

Top Picks From Around the Web

My top website picks from around the web.

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