Top 5 web development songs

Yes, it’s that time of the year. Time to list the top web development themed songs. Prepare to be entertained and inspired. Your brain will never be the same.


The HTML Song

R&B at its finest, The HTML Song is also educational. It teaches the basic premise of HTML, provides examples (eg: how to make text bold) and it’s danceable. I can’t wait to hear this at the next dance party. I’m going all-out on this one.


Code Monkey

Depicting the depressing real life of coders everywhere fictitious world of code-monkey and his co-workers, this song excels in providing several lines that deserve to be placed on a coffee mug. This is going on the office playlist.



Written in 1996, this is one visionary song! It’s probably the oldest front-end themed song, and it has some quality 90s-era computer effects. I think this song inspired the latest Jamiroquai album. I thought the song was over at about the 4 minute mark, but I was in luck, it started again with a new verse! And then it went on for over 3 more minutes. Wow!


Satan Explains HTML using Death Metal (warning: explicit)

Nothing says Metal like a bright orange guitar, a red cape and devil horns. The vocal style reminds me of The Ghost Inside and I think Glenn Fricker may have produced this track. It’s all class, I hope it gets performed at the next Eurovision Song Content.


Wecag 2.0 Theme Song

Highly educational, informing web developers about a much-neglected topic: accessibility. It’s acoustic-electronic folk rap performed correctly for once. It’s so catchy, you will never forget it. In fact, I can guarantee that it will randomly pop into your head months and even years in the future, causing you to instantly approach a perfect stranger and yell ‘w-w-w-w-wecag, wecag’ in their face.