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How to design better forms

Sandra Stepien Team : Web Design Tags : User Experience

Whether we’re buying something online or signing up to an email list, forms are a part of our everyday lives. But, the process of filling out a form isn’t always the users most favourite thing to do. Use these 4 simple tips to help make forms user-friendly and frictionless.

1. Keep it short to increase completion rates

Forms with few fields are less intimidating than long forms with lots of questions. Remove as many optional fields as possible to increase completion rates and reduce user errors. But, if you can’t avoid long forms, split it into multiple steps and add a progress bar – when users feel like they’re progressing towards achieving a goal, they’ll be more motivated to complete the form.

2. Make it one column to improve scanability

Avoid visual disorientation and display form fields as a single column. Users find it easier to scan down rather than scan left to right. This also extends to field labels, radio buttons and checkboxes – vertically stacking makes them faster to scan compared to horizontal layouts. Note, there are exceptions to this rule - short, related fields such as State and Postcode or when asking for a date of birth. Field label eye tracking

3. Provide clear instructions to guide users

When asking a question a user might not understand or for fields requiring a specific format don’t hide help text behind a tooltip. Make sure you provide concise, visual microcopy to help users complete their tasks.

4. Add visual cues to make it more appealing

Our brains process visual images significantly faster than text. By adding visual prompts such as icons or selectable images, you can boost completion time. Remember, always include a text label to clarify meaning and remove ambiguity.

 InVision New Project 

Above: InVision new project selection. 

This list is no means comprehensive but following just a few best practices will hopefully help create more useful and successful forms.