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Tom Nason Team : Project Manager Featured

Driving quality through Non-Functional Requirements

It’s common for NFRs to take a back seat in requirement gathering sessions. Topics like scalability and security are rarely met with the same excitement or urgency as customer facing features, yet they are critical to a development project’s success.

Tom Nason Team : Project Manager Featured

Sprint Zero: Kicking off a Scrum project the right way

The goal of this initial preparatory Sprint is to front-load any work necessary to allow the teams to commence Sprint 1 effectively and without impediments. This includes preparing the Project Roadmap, creating the basic skeleton and plumbing for the project and readying the team for feature development.

Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

The holy trinity of a successful project

This week I had cause to remind a couple of colleagues of the 'iron triangle' - a representation of the relationship between the forces that combine to constrain any project. Sometimes also referred to as the 'scope triangle' or 'quality triangle', it is also a traditional measure of project success.

Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

Kicking real goals in Information Technology

No, this is not another meaningless political slogan. I just want to tell a quick story about some fantastic work we've completed for one of our major clients. Something a bit out of the ordinary from what we normally boast about, and something our team is quite proud of. It also reminded me why we are in this game, the IT industry: to support the business.

Matej Stolfa

7 Deadly Sins of Using JIRA - back to basics

A collection of basic mistakes that you should never make when using JIRA. So if you want to put "Working knowledge of JIRA" on your CV, make sure you are not committing any of these sins.

Simon Miller

TLDR; or, The Importance of Documentation

Nobody can be expected to recall the events that occurred in a meeting six months prior to release of a project. We document so that everybody understands the scope of work in such sufficient detail as to produce outstanding work.

Matthew Bruce

Bootstrap for Project Managers (aka Dummies)

Bootstrap has been around for a few years now, and everything I'd read about it told me what a fantastic front-end framework it is. That everything is faster and easier and it can save web developers heaps of time. Unfortunately, that's also about all I knew about Bootstrap. Ignorance is bliss, right?

Matthew Bruce

Writer's block - handling clients who struggle with their content

As the project manager, it's no fun having a fully designed and developed website - i.e. technically and functionally ready for launch - when it's still full of gaping holes where content is supposed to be.

Tom Nason

Stand up and increase your team's productivity

Daily stand up meetings energize and empower teams to create better software.

Tom Nason

The importance of retrospectives

Retrospective sessions help us learn from our experiences and improve the way we work both independently and as a team. Getting together and discussing “how things went” is one approach but for the session to be truly valuable we need to add a little structure to the conversation.

Tom Nason

Unleashing the power of habit formation in 4 steps

Building a killer product? Learn how to apply proven psychological techniques to grow your user base.

Tom Nason

A web based Microsoft Project alternative

Microsoft products can be useful, and their enormous market share means that everyone knows how to use them. But are they always the best tools for the job?

Tom Nason

Culture that fuels productivity

A brief look at old and new school approaches to team culture and the astounding benefits that many companies are afraid to explore.

Kathleen Shrimpton

So what!

Do we really need the ‘so that’ part of a user story?

Martin Abrahams

 Mixing the teams up

My thoughts on our recent seating arrangements at Wiliam.

Josh Shardlow

Project teams, conflict and my new desk

Perhaps there is an 'I' in 'Team' after all?

Matthew Bruce

Go scrum yourself

It looks like I'm out of a job. And it turns out that everybody who thinks they're doing agile right, is not. Who the bloody hell created this agile lunacy? And if it's so bloody hard to get right, then why is it apparently the ducks nuts of software development? Derp derp.

Robert Beerworth

Collating feedback on design

There is no right or wrong way to manage clients, web designers and design feedback. Groundwork, baby-steps, helping each other and remaining friends is a pretty good start though.

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