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Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

Is your site ready for Mobilegeddon?

A little known tweak to the Google search algorithm is going to have some pretty big impacts on site rankings. From tomorrow, April 21 2015, any website that is not mobile-friendly will take a dive in search results. What does this really mean, and is your site as mobile-friendly as you think? More importantly - does Google think your site is ready??

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Featured

The importance of website migration

Website migration is not talked about nearly enough. I'd argue it is much more important than your new website.

Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

Content is still king, but localisation is the trump card

I was delighted this weekend past to receive an email from Houzz spruiking their new localised version of the site. Still all the same wonderful content from all over the world, but now with a dedicated local team and a domain. And immediately, I was impressed.

Wiliam Staff Team : Staff Featured

Competing for the Search Space’

In a recent article published in the Financial Review, Joshua Gliddon reports that Google’s search engine competitors are maneuvering in to gain a footing in the on-line search and directory space. However, are they making any ground on Google in terms of search engine power and know how?

Tom Nason

A bulletproof Google Analytics setup you can trust

4 major issues with a vanilla Google Analytics setup, and how to avoid them.

Tom Nason

Meta tags in 2016 – Do they matter at all?

In an age of machine learning, artificial intelligence, hover boards and self-driving cars, are Google, Bing and Yahoo! still reliant on such primitive snippets of information?

Vince Scordino

Predictions for Google's mobile indexing

A new year means change, right?

Robert Beerworth

Tougher times ahead for Google

The invincible Google faces rougher waters ahead.

Simon Miller

Adding rich snippets to your site for better SEO

There once was a time that SEO simply meant having decent meta keywords on your site. Times have well and truly moved on.

Guy MacArthur

IIS URL redirects to lowercase and Umbraco CMS

Enforcing lowercase URLs for SEO in an Umbraco CMS managed website is (mostly) simple.

Vince Scordino

Is Your HTTP Redirect Losing Your Querystring?

On a recent project, I encountered a strange redirect issue in the production environment. For the sake of SEO and canonical/duplicate content issues, we always setup two websites in IIS; one will have a 301 redirect from a non-www domain to a www domain.

Natalie Ashes

How to track campaign urls

Be smart about campaigns and start tracking the URLs with Google's campaign tracker. It helps to see which channels convert the best. See inside for details and screenshots on how to set this up properly.

Queron Jephcott

More proof Google doesn’t like SEO

We all know Google is smart. Too smart for us to keep trying to trick it with old SEO practices.

Anna Hosie

Words are out, pictures are in

Reduce lengthy written content. Use pictures to keep users engaged.

Vince Scordino

The Vary HTTP Header

When developing mobile websites, responsive or adaptive, there are some important factors to consider outside of the IA involved with UI and design.

Robert Beerworth

There’s good reason to invest in an Infographic for your website

The tide will turn and we will probably bore of them at some stage – as with every Internet invention – though for the time being, Infographics are a low-cost and quick way to spike traffic and build SEO momentum.

Robert Beerworth

Web Design Sydney: good for traffic, not so for converting users

Whilst it is true that traffic to a website is central to the success of the website, the only more important factor is how the website converts its traffic: essentially the usability of the website. Posting SPAM to a website in order to gain rankings in Google is a short-term game... and a fairly self-defeating one at that.

Robert Beerworth

A most predictable way to lose money

301 Redirects separate the men from the boys. They show that you know what you're doing. And yet so few web developers use them when launching new websites for their clients. (Dear Client, this means you are going to lose out big time...)

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