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How to track campaign urls

Natalie Ashes Team : Web Production Tags : SEO Google Tips & Tricks

Tracking campaign URLS is going to give your business important insights into the campaigns that are working, the channels that work best and where people go next. This is particularly interesting when your posting links on different social channels. Facebook users will react differently than Linked in for example and Google's URL builder will help identify this. The URL builder basically allows you to add tags to URLs, the tags help in categorising the link channels and campaign names.

Instead of using this URL: 

You should use link builder and create a link similar to: 

The URL Builder has six fields, but you generally need to use only Source, Medium, Name, and Term (for paid words). The table below shows how you might tag the three most common kinds of online campaigns: banner ads, email campaigns, and paid keywords.

  E-mail Campaign Pay Per Click Keywords
Campaign Source blog google
Campaign Medium facebook cpc
Campaign Term July webdesign
Campaign Content    
Campaign Name wiliamblog  

To create URLS for campaigns go to: 

Where do I find the campaign URLs in analytics?

In order to find these you will need to log into the analytics account that manages the domain you are using.

Click on "acquisitions" then "campaign"

Campaign URLS in Google Analytics

This will list all the campaign URLs for a given period of time (Note: if you are testing this make sure you adjust the date to see the same date you created the campaign link).

You can also set up goals and see if the campaign users have converted with the goals you have set previously. In order to flick between the goals click the dropdown to the far right:

Campaign URLS and Conversions

If you are not using Google Campaign URLs then you should start, the power of what you can see and do with campaign traffic is endless.