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Web Design Sydney: good for traffic, not so for converting users

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Web Design SEO

I almost didn't publish this blog - written by one of our developers Jason.  

It is in response to the growth of corporate SEO SPAM impacting a number of our clients... essentially, websites ourranking them for different terms by writing mountains of content, laced with keywords.

A short-term and counter-intuitive strategy I've written about previously and one that ultimately defeats itself.

Anyway, Jason's blog below... I think you'll get the point!


Web Design Sydney

As a Sydney based web developer working in the web design industry in the beautiful city of Sydney I often see many web developers in Sydney not paying enough attention to SEO.

In fact most web developers in Sydney don't even recognise that SEO (for web developers in Sydney) is important enough to think about, but those developers in the Sydney web development industry couldn't be more wrong.

Increasingly they are finding that web design companies outside of Sydney are ranking above them for various search terms including 'web design sydney', 'sydney web design' and of course 'wiliam web design sydney'.

In order to reclaim their #1 position in the Google rankings they've had to skill-up and show google that their sydney web design site is actually more relevant by frequently publishing sydney web design related content which are tagged and linked accordingly.