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6 ways to reduce your websites bounce rate.

These tips are sure winners for reducing bounce rates on your website.

Jessica Kriklewicz

Inspirational examples of video used in web design.

Video is becoming an increasingly popular on the web these days. As we all know web design is all about telling a story and conveying the right message to your user. Using video is a great way to get your point across, get user participation and interaction, and bring your design to life.

Jessica Kriklewicz

Free photography libraries!

Selecting images for your web design project can be one of the most time consuming and costly tasks

Jessica Kriklewicz

Google Font Combinations and Colour Pallets

These days it’s much easier to create captivating Typography combinations due to new technologies and tools such as @font-face, API utilisation and CSS3. Although choosing a font for your website isn’t easy, and finding a font combination is even harder.

Jessica Kriklewicz

How to prevent going over time and budget on a design project.

You might ask yourself, why do projects go over time? Is it because the client is being greedy and asking for work out of scope? Or is it because the designer is too slow? These could be the reasons, but more often than not is is down to lack of understanding of the project than anything else. Understanding the business goals before you start the project is paramount, this will save you time at the end because you will do it right the first time! Here are a few practical tips to help you stay on track and on time:

Jessica Kriklewicz

Building trust within a team. WDS14

Great work is rarely the work of one person, it is a team effort. To be able to work well together you need trust, trust is the glue that will hold a project together.

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16 Best Paralax websites – Pros & Cons

Parallax scrolling has been around for years in the world of video games, but it has hit the web with a vengeance. Nike designed the first parallax website in 2011 and it has become increasingly popular since. Some might say it has been overused, but it definitely still has it pace in web design, especially in cases of storytelling.

Jessica Kriklewicz Team : Design Tags : Technology Web Design User Experience Featured

Top 8 Online Web Design Tools and Resources

A solid handful of web design resources that are definitely worth a try.

Jessica Kriklewicz

Design & development collaboration

These days we use the word ‘Design’ as relating to only the ‘visual appearance’ of a website. Although in this world of interactive web design functionality is just as crucial in the creative process.

Jessica Kriklewicz Team : Design Tags : Web Design Usability User Experience Featured

Communicating though infographics

Infographics are a popular and effective way of communicating thoughts, ideas, facts quickly and effectively.

Jessica Kriklewicz

Line spacing in web design

Is your website's typography (the art and technique of arranging type in order to make is visible and readable) pleasing and inviting to your readers, or does it turn them off and make it harder to communicate with them?

Jessica Kriklewicz

Blurred Backgrounds in Web Design

When combining typography and photography in web design, blurring the image will increase the readability of text.

Jessica Kriklewicz

Design Styles

To help you on your quest to find the right style for your company I have put together a list.. . here are a few examples

Jessica Kriklewicz

Design inspiration

I was fortunate enough to go to Semi-Permanent design conference last week. This conference collaborates speakers from all design disciplines, including; web design, graphic design, film, fine art, visual effects, illustration, interaction design, stop motion, photography, animation, graffiti, architecture, and motion graphics.

Jessica Kriklewicz

Magazine & News Style Sites

The need for originality in web design has opened the doors in to unconventional and modern designs.

Jessica Kriklewicz

You Only Get One Chance at a First Impression

How many times have you been told it's important to make a good first impression in your life? Probably many.

Jessica Kriklewicz

Designing for e-Commerce

How often have you called customer support after having problems with your online check out process? Probably never. How many times have you changed your mind just before hitting the purchase button? Probably quite a few times.

Jessica Kriklewicz

Typographic Contrast

As you may know the majority of online readers scan content for relevant information rather than reading line by line. This is why typographic contrast and flow are essential in web design.

Jessica Kriklewicz

Big may be beautiful after all

Small footers are a thing of the past, these days we are making way for the MEGA footer.

Jessica Kriklewicz

Bubble or Square?

As designers, much of our work involves helping and making it easier for users to make sense of the information in front of them. One way we do this is by using rounded corners within a design. Rounded corners are more appealing than their counterparts because they are kinder on the eye.

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