Inspirational examples of video used in web design.

Video is becoming an increasingly popular on the web these days. As we all know web design is all about telling a story and conveying the right message to your user. Using video is a great way to get your point across, get user participation and interaction, and bring your design to life.

Here is a selection of websites that use video in effective, creative and unique ways.
Watch this space, I will add to this list when I find more!
BBQ cultures is a site that that takes you on an inspirational cultural journey through 5 well known BBQ cultures.
With clever user experience and video they explain how to sharpen your knife, fillet a fish like a pro and choose the right steak.
This is one of my favourite video sites to date.
Great interactions and examples of putting text over images and video.
While we're young is a story of the coming of middle age. It explores how youth fades when youth fades.
It showcases great examples of how to use text over video.
Trading Culture is a website that has been designed to attract the affluent trader who understands the market and appreciates the service and reputation as a stable partner.
I’m not sure this website will end up attracting their desired target market, but it’s a clever website non-the-less. It’s an interesting way of featuring their personas.
Friend-4-friend is spreading the awareness of loneliness throughout an ageing population. This is a program that brings stray dogs and the elderly together.
Through the use of video alone (without words) you know the message the site is bringing to the public. Watch the video to get a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
Way to go is trippy.
This is an intereactive experience for all ages. Produced by the National Film Board of Canada, co-produced by France Televisions, with a soundtrack by Philippe Lambert, Way To Go is "a game and a solace and an alarm, a wake-up call to the hazards of today", we have access to so much and end up seeing so little. This might just remid you of what lay before you, within you, and the pleasure of discoveing the now....hmmm 
Do you want to experience Austria? Check out this website. Austria tourism has created a superb way to make you feel you are really there. Very well done.
Genentech Use human genetic information to discover, develop, manufacture and commercialise medicines to treat patients with serious or life-threatening medical conditions.