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Big may be beautiful after all

Jessica Kriklewicz Team : Design Tags : Web Design

Small footers are a thing of the past,  these days we are making way for the MEGA footer.
Web designers would have often told you that the content at the bottom of the page would rarely attract a visitor’s attention, and so not important. This was simply due to them being unattractive and uninformative because they were being ignored. These days designers are putting a lot more attention and effort into this important feature of the page.

Web designers know that usability is the most important part of Web design. This is why providing key elements in the footer (which will be on every page) such as; a site map, a simple contact form, about and contact information and occasionally latest blogs, news and testimonials, is a great way to direct visitors to other areas of your site and keep users attention when hitting the bottom of the page.

When designing a footer these are couple of key elements that you should consider

  • The footer should reflect the style and feeling of the website
  • Links should be clearly labeled
  • Content should be legible and laid out neatly 
  • Structure and clean layout are essential

At the end of the day, having a large well designed footer allows you to put more important information and resources on every page of a website, thus making the site more informative and user friendly.

Big may be beautiful after all.