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Twitter ends social proofing

Last week you may have noticed that social share buttons from across the Web changed a little.

Jayde Smith

What’s the next step after launching your website?

Ensuring that your new website lives up to expectations can often be difficult. Focus too heavily on the wrong things and it can quickly get away from you.

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How Music Affects Your Productivity

Does music itself help one to create?

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Your website is losing sales because..

Here are some of the top 7 issues that can prevent your retail website visitors from converting to customers.

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Which country has the fastest Internet speeds? Not Australia!

If you are anything like I am (a secret gamer) and you've got a need for speed, then your best bet for fast internet speeds is going to be in South Korea.

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Mobile Website vs. Mobile App

When you begin planning a new website for your business, one of the first considerations that will come to mind is whether you want to build a mobile application for users to download in addition to your mobile website. A few thoughts.

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4 quick tips to optimize your conversion forms for better leads

It's going to be really hard to capture high-quality leads from your website without conversion forms. And by understanding the elements of a well optimised conversion path, you would realise that forms work best when placed on page with an offer or opportunity which visitors simply can't forget.

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It's the small details that count

You have a website and you work hard to attract visitors. You have focused on optimizing the site for search engines, written a hundred blogs and use social networks for promotion all while ensuring that you have quality content on your site. Now you just need to make sure the user experience doesn't suck.

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Hire a professional copywriter? Ain't nobody got time for that.

There are times when I've been able to assist clients in writing new content or freshen up existing content for their website, however in many cases you should hire a professional.

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Living with the iPhone 6 Plus

At the end of the day, the iPhone 6 Plus is too big for everyone to love it, but it's Apple's best phone to date and provides some real noticeable improvements for web browsing.

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Can Responsive Design be wrong? 3 reasons says it can.

Responsive Design is seen as the superior successor to Adaptive Design with no downside. I beg to differ.

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Top 7 reasons Kanban just makes sense

Kanban is a great concept, whether you do it with sticky notes or through something like Jira.

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Optimising old content? Start adding new content instead.

Content is the cost of business. And new content smells good to users and Google.

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Logo Redesign

A new logo is meant to symbolize a renewed sense of purpose and progress and I think they have achieved this. This change should motivate employees, however logos are more importantly, meant to create a brand identity for customers.

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By now you must agree, the hamburger icon is a classic. Even if you do not necessarily know it by that name, its three black bars, stacking upon each other are as familiar as your mouse's cursor...

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Reducing Cart Abandonment

Some tips and suggestions for reducing the cart abandonment of your e-commerce site.

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Apple CarPlay

With the recent release of iOS7.1, Apple lifted the details on CarPlay, the long-awaited 'iOS for your car'.

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Build Simple Landing Pages: Unbounce

Unbounce is one way to build out simple landing pages; because simple landing pages are good.

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Improving Conversion Rates via User Testing

User testing is a quick and generally reliable way to gain insight into what users think of your website and how they use it.

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Keep your email lists clean

It’s well known that utilising tactics such as that will in many cases do more harm than you realise.

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Video for Instagram

Today comes the announcement that Facebook has introduced video for Instagram.

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Existing clients and new opportunities

Last year Wiliam built an exciting new home loan website for one of Australia’s largest mortgage brokers.

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Personalized E-Commerce

Privacy you might ask? Well for some that is the case, however for an increasing number of others, they feel that it provides for a better experience.

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Facebook's Redesign

The design changes will affect advertisers in a variety of ways.

Jayde Smith

Designing for Mobile Devices

New technologies give us more opportunities to develop internet-based applications for several, and different, devices.

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HTML5 Gaming

We are excited about HTML5 - A new, emerging technology which is open source, completely free and, as you will very quickly realize, powerful enough to create fun and addictive online games.

Jayde Smith

Sharable Content – is it worthy?

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