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Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

Kicking real goals in Information Technology

No, this is not another meaningless political slogan. I just want to tell a quick story about some fantastic work we've completed for one of our major clients. Something a bit out of the ordinary from what we normally boast about, and something our team is quite proud of. It also reminded me why we are in this game, the IT industry: to support the business.

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Featured

Emailing your email lists via Facebook; wow!

Start dusting off those old email lists you spent years curating. The good ol' days are back.

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Featured

I love you like a fat lady loves apples

Gamification really could be about games if content marketing and content strategy keep advancing the way they are.

Jayde Smith

Optimising old content? Start adding new content instead.

Content is the cost of business. And new content smells good to users and Google.

Robert Beerworth

Reaching the point where leads and traffic grow exponentially compared to your content effort

Consistent and growing content equals traffic and leads. Turns out there comes a point where the reward grows much faster than your increasing content efforts. This is a good thing.

Natalie Ashes

What kind of traffic converts the best?

After analysing a client website, here is how these different traffic sources compare when it comes to conversion.

Robert Beerworth

Some great infographic resources

Bag them out, though most users love infographics and they can have a really positive aspect on your website, its traffic and its conversion.

Robert Beerworth

You’re just one person away from online success

Building an online channel means you need to invest in dedicated resources to look after it. It is not a matter of set-and-forget.

Should your small business launch an online store?

Online retailing isn’t going to suit everybody, but it may be more achievable for your business than you originally thought.

Simon Miller

Pay Once For It Now Or Pay Twice For It Later?

When considering the goals for the website you are engaging your web development company to build for you, one of the considerations, perhaps one of the biggest, is price.


Compliance Through Disclosure

In the past few months so called “tax effective Managed Investment Schemes” (the MIS Sector) have been failing. Most notable were forestry product based Timbercorp and Great Southern.


SME compliance: investing in a dynamic website to manage new policies

It may seem to be easier to ignore compliance issues. The opportunity cost of compliance can certainly equate to missed sales. On the other hand, it only takes one dissatisfied, or vindictive, customer or supplier to complain.

Most common errors to avoid when choosing a CMS

I spend a lot of time with clients discussing their Content Management System (CMS) requirements and needs. Regularly clients find CMS selection extremely daunting and find it hard to navigate through lists of possible functionality, features and workflows. Regularly I read through RFTs and RFPs where the brief allows only a paragraph each on business and user requirements and devotes 5 pages to CMS requirements complete with checklists and diagrams outlining CMS functionality must haves. Below I have listed some common mistakes that I see.

Getting Venture Capital for Your Online Idea

Wiliam has developed a number of websites from the ground up. But before Wiliam got involved, the companies had to seek start up capital from Venture Capitalists to get their ideas off the ground. If you are interested in pursing this option, here are five steps you can take.

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