What kind of traffic converts the best?

In a recent analysis that was conducted on one of our websites we analyzed which kind of traffic converted the best, here are some of the results:


1. Direct

Direct traffic means people who are going directly to your domain or typing your company name straight into google. It is for this reason that you always need to bid on your company name for adwords. Direct traffic always converts the best as the user is coming to your site for a specific reason.


2. Email

No surprises here that emails are the second biggest drivers of conversion. Make sure emails are well optimized and properly segmented to make the most of this market.


3. Paid search

Paid search is similar to direct traffic in the sense that the users are coming to your site for a reason. Paid will often outrank organic when your cost per clicks guarantee a higher ranking on the page.


4. Organic

If you have good SEO then organic search will sit around the 4th biggest converter of traffic. Make sure your pages are properly tagged up including meta titles and descriptions. It is also a good idea to put price points (if they are competitive) in the page title to encourage a click through.


5. Referral

Conversion from referrals is not a great converter of sales. It helps to have as many referrals as possible to increase your chances of getting conversions from referrals.


6.Display  & Affiliates

Affiliates didn't convert well in this example, this could be to a variety of factors however this trend is appearing more and more. People are becoming immune to advertising online and are not seeking a product, rather being pushed into one which is making them not convert as much .