Some great infographic resources

2013 was predicted to be the year of content and whilst Australia has been slower to invest in good content compared to some other parts of the world, in the second half of this year, we’re really catching up.

There has been a really noticeable shift in many of our clients, with increasing budgets being assigned to content design and development.

Indeed, we have changed some of our processes to much better engage UX (User Experience) and Design with the content design and development process.

In fact, it would be fair to say that content is now becoming part of the UX and design process rather than a distinct process, usually at the tail-end of the website build.

Why this shift etc?

Because content amounts to good usability as much as the colour of buttons.

Content is what your users read and interact with. It is your only chance to convert them, to be genuine and to build trust.

We are all enthused by rich, exciting, relevant and interesting content. If it is clever or funny, that’s a real bonus.

Infographics are high on my list when it comes to content because they have so many up-sides: 

  • They can be colourful and visually interesting.
  • They can easily and quickly answer the questions of your customers; helping them further into your funnel.
  • They can be interactive.
  • They keep people on your website, reading.
  • They attract traffic.
  • They are great for search (SEO) due to all the social sharing.


Developing an infographic is a bit of work though it should be a fun and collaborative process and the team should feel really proud at the end of it all.

I’ll do a separate blog on how to create a infographic though a good starting point for inspiration are the websites listed in this great collection. Fifteen great websites including links to some incredible HTML5 infographics which inject interactivity and animation into infographics.