Compliance Through Disclosure

In the past few months so called “tax effective Managed Investment Schemes” (the MIS Sector) have been failing. Most notable were forestry product based Timbercorp and Great Southern. Investors in the MIS Sector often took loans from parties related to the promoter. Those loans are now disputed. Before that there was litigation over partly paid units in BrisConnections, a listed entity supplying funds to build the Brisbane Airport Link. Investors were liable for two further $1 payments on each unit owned, even as the “value” of the original $1 units fell to below one cent.

What do these examples have in common? All of them are under attack for lack of transparency and disclosure. MIS Sector investors want to know how a scheme to plant and harvest trees can have spectacularly run up huge debts. The answer seems to be indiscriminate real property purchases. BrisConnections investors are complaining that there was inadequate disclosure of the liabilities attached to the units. Many unitholders face ruin.

As a result of any recession, or indeed any “issue”, the “something must be done” brigade will demand greater regulations and restrictions. Since almost every business promotes itself and its products through its website, especial care is required regarding content and layout. Unless you can confidently respond to issues such as those below, it may well be that your next promotion should be postponed until your website is an asset, not a liability.

Wiliam has a decade’s experience in designing and implementing the most suitable website for your business.

  • Does your website explain your products and / or services clearly?
  • Are older versions of content / prices appearing on searches that relate to you?
  • Have you accounted for the need to change appearances / message on your website?