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Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

Overcoming the dreaded 'content block'

There comes a time on all web projects when the discussion turns to content. As simple as it may sound, content provision can actually be one of the most difficult tasks befalling the client. Thankfully there are a few tricks and tips to help get over the 'content block'.

Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

Is your site ready for Mobilegeddon?

A little known tweak to the Google search algorithm is going to have some pretty big impacts on site rankings. From tomorrow, April 21 2015, any website that is not mobile-friendly will take a dive in search results. What does this really mean, and is your site as mobile-friendly as you think? More importantly - does Google think your site is ready??

Jayde Smith Team : Web Production Featured

Hire a professional copywriter? Ain't nobody got time for that.

There are times when I've been able to assist clients in writing new content or freshen up existing content for their website, however in many cases you should hire a professional.

Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

Content is still king, but localisation is the trump card

I was delighted this weekend past to receive an email from Houzz spruiking their new localised version of the site. Still all the same wonderful content from all over the world, but now with a dedicated local team and a domain. And immediately, I was impressed.

Matthew Bruce

Writer's block - handling clients who struggle with their content

As the project manager, it's no fun having a fully designed and developed website - i.e. technically and functionally ready for launch - when it's still full of gaping holes where content is supposed to be.

Maximillian Crawford-smith

Cracking social media: how Facebook decides what is on your news feed.

Marketing your business on social media seems pretty straight forward; create a presence on social media, publish relevant and interesting content, get likes and critical mass will do the rest.

Maximillian Crawford-smith

Content Marketing

Will Content Marketing be the new SEO?

Josh Shardlow

Progressive Disclosure

How progressive disclosure can help you in your relationships (and websites).

Robert Beerworth

Google Consumer Surveys in the wild

Could be a way to monetise your website further? Pity it looks like SPAM.

Edwin Antonian

Responsive or adaptive ?

The decision should be made at the start of the project within the team which includes UX / Design / Front-end / Back-end development. The decision upfront will also allow for better design / coding methods.

Adam Tedeschi

Designing your content for a better customer experience

How do you know what your customers want when they come to your site completely anonymously?

Simon Miller

A website is a lot like a hamburger

A website has many layers, all important to the overall experience. The difference between an average website and a great website can be compared to the quality of a hamburger.

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