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Build Simple Landing Pages: Unbounce

Jayde Smith Team : Web Production Tags : Web Design Online Trends User Experience

Sometimes it's important to keep in mind that users who may have discovered your online store who came via paid search are different from the users who clicked on a Facebook post or Twitter tweet. In order to maximise the overall number of conversions to your site you should tailor the offering through design and calls to action for each of these traffic sources. 

Users are increasingly browsing the web using their mobile phones so it is critical to keep in mind that a non-mobile optimized landing page can result in significant bounce rates - clearly something to avoid. 

After going through a couple of recent exercises around landing pages, i've discovered that creating a tailored or even campaign specific landing page no longer requires coding skills. That's not to say that there are not times when a custom design with unique variables is required, however here is one tool that can help.



Unbounce looks to be a great tool for those working in a larger team or one which requires individual client accounts. Unbounce provides customisable landing page templates with full drag and drop functions. Further to this, it has the ability to simply A/B split test your pages. 

Authors, admins and viewers are provided with multi user features which will allow you to collaborate within your chosen team. And one of the most impressive features of Unbounce is that it will also integrate with Analytics and even Salesforce allowing you great insight into the performance of your landing page and lead generating.