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A touchy subject

It's been nearly 10 years since Apple launched the first touch screen smartphone in 2007. Did you know however, that the first touch screen was actually invented in 1965? That's nearly fifty years ago to the day! Yet I wonder, would anybody have believed it, if told that by the year 2015, there'd be more touch-screen enabled smart phones and tablets, than human beings on the planet? Or by 2020, it is estimated that there will be 4.3 internet connected 'things' for every person?! That's something like 33 billion devices, with a hell of a lot of touch screens.

Vince Scordino

Apple's iOS9 Wi-fi Assist, Save Your Data Now!

With the release of iOS9 last week, Apple announced a new featured called "Wi-Fi Assist". With this featured turned on, users won't experience any buffering or connection difficulties on a weak Wi-fi signal.

Adam Tedeschi

Apps versus the mobile web: a 2015 update

The numbers are in and Facebook's dominance on mobile is as impressive as the continued relevance of the mobile web. Essentially, you probably don't need an app and most certainly, should have a mobile website.

Bess Batterham

Turn those double taps into dollar signs

Amateur photography meets stock photography. #Genius

Bess Batterham

Love, Grandpa and Grandmaster Flash

Autocorrect; our best friend and our worst enemy.

Natalie Ashes

Invest in a good website and user registration process. Don't do what Sony does.

Sony software has always been notoriously bad. Seems that their websites and registration process are just as much so.

Belinda Campo

My favourite apps

For my first Wiliam blog, I have decided to share with you my top 5 apps...

Jayde Smith

Apple CarPlay

With the recent release of iOS7.1, Apple lifted the details on CarPlay, the long-awaited 'iOS for your car'.

Queron Jephcott

Will we ever be wowed by mobile operating systems again?

The rise of the smart phone has been a fun ride, but is it now loosing its wow factor?

Robert Beerworth

We don't need offline design concepts, online.

I know what a photo is. I don't need it in a virtual photo frame. Web design is online, not an offline concept.

Robert Beerworth

Queron doesn’t like iPhone

One of our Experience Designers, Queron, does not like iPhone one bit. Its more about Apple and their policies and attitudes rather than the phone itself, though he does regard the locked-down OS inglorious and behind the innovation of Android.

Introducing The ‘Food Wine Sleep’ iPhone Application by Wiliam

Wiliam is excited to announce the launch of the ‘Food Wine Sleep’ iPhone application – an app that speaks to the existing popular website ‘Food Wine Sleep’ and delivers it seamlessly on a local iPhone application.

Simon Miller

iPhone Pages - Make Your Mobile Website

So you have engaged your web development company to design and build you your new corporate identity but have you considered how your site will look and function on a mobile device such as the iPhone, Android or a BlackBerry?

Major Brands Going iPhone

Major brands are on the move, quiet literally. As of late a number of well known websites and brands have been introducing mobile applications and mobile-friendly websites for people on the go.

iPhone Application or iPhone Pages?

Recently, a senior Optus executive came out and said that one of the mobile carrier’s recent areas of growth in the Australian market is due to sales of the iPhone. I am sure the other carriers in the Australian market have also seen a similar trend. So the question many of our clients are asking us at present is “Should we build an iPhone Application?” There isn’t an easy answer to the question, instead it may even be answered with a second question which is “Should we develop iPhone specific pages for our site?”

Google Removes iPhone Opimisation

In an unexpected and somewhat surprising move Google has removed a home page optimized for the iPhone and is instead routing these users to a general mobile page.

Jason Deacon

iPhone Applications Market & Development Opportunities

With the release of the iPhone and the iTunes app store the boundaries of marketing the applications you developed has never been lower. Get some market insight to develop fresh new ideas and turn them into hot selling mobile applications today.

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