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3 reasons why you should invest in Automated Deployments (AD)

Automated Deployments are simply website or software deployments which are done by a software process which is triggered by either code changing or a specific manual trigger by developers. Invest in getting it up and running and save everyone so much time!

Jason Deacon

Automated Testing

No, I don't mean making a robot hand press F5 to refresh the homepage of your site every 30 seconds

Jason Deacon

What I want from a CMS: Part 2 - Extensibility

Last time I talked about Structure Change Management and the impact it has on your website. This time I talk about something almost as boring.. extensibility in content management systems!

Jason Deacon

What I want from a CMS: Part 1

I'm starting a new series of blogs which cover the aspects of the ideal CMS from my point of view (a .NET web developer). The goal of this blog series is to identify the core needs of developers when working with CMS solutions to deliver client websites, and, with any luck, identify CMS solutions which match these requirements.

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4 great ways to embrace alternate realities and reject your own

Today the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 (DK2) arrived in the office to much excitement, and for good reason. We've had the first development kit in the office for quite some time now, the DK2 represents a leap forward on the core Oculus Rift concept.

Jason Deacon

Standards and Conventions: Why bother?

Let's talk about what they are, how they come into being and why they're important, shall we?

Jason Deacon

Some more C# 6.0 changes

This blog covers a few new upcoming features of C# 6.0 and I give a very brief opinion on their usefulness in the language.

Jason Deacon

ASP.NET MVC 5 View Model Collection Binding

Sometimes it's necessary to use a collection of complex types within a single MVC view and it's actually very easy.

Jason Deacon

Upcoming C# 6.0 language features that I really don't like

Having used C# professionally for about 9 years now I have seen many iterations of the language, starting at the C# 1.1 days. I've seen it mature over the years to include some quite powerful features which makes day to day tasks just that much easier, and that's a great thing. But something happens when a product such as C# matures; with each version released the backlog of critical/important features diminishes and the product team starts to wonder "what else can we add next time?".

Jason Deacon

Sensible MVC project guidelines

Often when developers start working on brand new projects they are overwhelmed with the decisions laid out in front of them in terms of where things go, what they are called, what things should do, etc. This almost always leads to people making the wrong decisions and crapping all over what could be a beautifully structured simple and straight forward project layout.

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Decoupling Umbraco from your front-end website

In certain high-risk situations it is necessary to not operate your site on a live database. Here's a way to get a lot of the good stuff from Umbraco 7 and still satisfy the no-database requirement!

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Alternate Passions - Game Development

Wiliam has many talented and passionate people working to build top quality sites each and every day. But for many of us websites are not the only things that we are passionate about. My interest lies in game development and this weekend just past I participated in a global game development competition called Ludum Dare.

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As if we needed another reason not to use Internet Explorer

Recently a vulnerability was found in Internet Explorer which affects versions 6 through to 11, which is pretty much every version currently in use.

Jason Deacon

What is the perfect CMS?

The perfect CMS doesn't exist. Though if pigs could fly, here is what would be perfect for the sort of stuff I work on.

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Performance review: profiling a website's speed and performance

I recently profile a client's website to troubleshoot speed and performance issues being experienced; here is my anonymised report.

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What is Technical Debt and why should you care?

The term 'Technical Debt' describes the ongoing technical burden of a hastily architected or poorly implemented piece of software. It describes the amount of work needed to be done on an existing codebase to complete further development. Basically, the greater the level of technical debt on a project, the greater the cost to implement a feature above the base feature cost.

Jason Deacon

Performance-oriented search system for websites

Search lets people find things on your website. If it doesn't work, your website won't work...

Jason Deacon

WebGL Part 2

They have confirmed that IE 11 will support WebGL as well as other HTML5 features.

Jason Deacon

Uploading a file over an Ajax postback

There is a more elegant way to upload files from your website than resorting to Flash or HTML5.

Jason Deacon

What platform is right for your next website project?

Knowing your requirements and asking the right questions can make a serious difference... test the recommendation of your web developer against common sense.

Jason Deacon

The frozen river of output caching

I liken output caching to a frozen river.

Jason Deacon

Simple static Inversion Of Control pattern

Some good though simple examples of a static Inversion of Control implementation; commensurate to say, if this makes no sense, you're probably not a developer.

Jason Deacon

Teamwork for developers

Having multiple developers working at the same level on the same project is not as easy as it sounds. As website projects become larger and larger, you’ll invariably need a few developers on your project – setting the ground rules up-front is your best shot.

Jason Deacon

How do I fit optimisation into web development projects?

The pros and cons of optimising your website or application as you build it, versus after you've built it. My experience from who recent projects...

Jason Deacon

The performance of eCommerce: optimising your eCommerce website for speed

When many traditional businesses start the process of getting a website up and running which allows customers to purchase their products they start with what I refer to as the ‘Grand Illusion’.

Jason Deacon

The Umbraco revolution

Enterprise websites and applications built on Umbraco have just become a whole lot better thanks to the MVC-based Umbraco 5.

Jason Deacon

WebGL in HTML5

WebGL is an implementation of OpenGL ES 2.0 which is accessible through the HTML5 canvas element. It allows the display and interaction of 3D graphics using the users own video card for hardware acceleration.

Jason Deacon

iPhone Applications Market & Development Opportunities

With the release of the iPhone and the iTunes app store the boundaries of marketing the applications you developed has never been lower. Get some market insight to develop fresh new ideas and turn them into hot selling mobile applications today.

Jason Deacon

Google Analytics

Ever wondered how your company’s website fares against others in your industry? Google Analytics, a free service offered by Google, can provide detailed statistics about your website – including industry benchmarking that tells you exactly how your website compares.

Jason Deacon

What Every Newsletter Needs

Electronic newsletters have taken the place of their conventional paper cousins. With the change in delivery mechanism comes the demand for change in format and content, too.

Jason Deacon

Google pushes Web Applications

Google have combined their online Word Processor and Spreadsheet systems into an online combination, able to be collaborated and published, all online with no additional software.

Jason Deacon

Microsoft opens up office documents

Microsoft Office 12 (2007) will be primary using a new document format for all the office applications. This new 'Office Open XML' file format means that 3rd party integrators will have the necessary information to integrate seamlessly into the various Microsoft Office components such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

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