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WebGL Part 2

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A long time ago I wrote a blog about WebGL. One of the sticking points at the time was that Microsoft outright refused to implement WebGL into Internet Explorer, claiming "security concerns" as the reason. 

While no browser is 100% secure, anyone familiar with IE will know that it's probably the least secure browser around, so MS refusing to add a feature on the basis of security concerns was kind of a big joke. Especially since they were effectively relegating their browser to being a second-class HTML5 citizen by not supporting WebGL.

Well with the announcement of IE 11, MS have done a 180 on their earlier decision. They have confirmed that IE 11 will support WebGL as well as other HTML5 features. Yay. It's been almost two and a half years since IE's primary competitors, Firefox and Chrome, released WebGL support. A case of better late than never?

Of course, the WebGL standard has evolved over the years and added security measures and recovery mechanisms to assist in the control of rogue WebGL apps, but when your user base is dwindling by the day can you really affort to be two and a half years off pace compared to your ever-improving competitors?

Of course not.