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Decoupling Umbraco from your front-end website

In certain high-risk situations it is necessary to not operate your site on a live database. Here's a way to get a lot of the good stuff from Umbraco 7 and still satisfy the no-database requirement!

Andrea James

Friendlier Password Validation in .NET MVC with Custom Validation

The only thing more annoying than trying to choose a password that meets arbitrary complexity rules is trying to choose a password when you don’t know why your first choice of password was rejected.

Sirisha Ancha

Ajax with MVC - Passing HTML data as a list of objects

There could be scenarios where an Ajax call made to a MVC Controller Action need to pass a complex list of objects along with other parameters.

Sirisha Ancha

MVC JsonResult: returning view and data at the same time

There could be scenarios where an Ajax call made to a MVC Controller Action is expected to return more information along with a partial view. To achieve this the view is returned as a string along with all the parameters needed.

Simon Miller

Enabling session state in Web API

Some of you may look at this blog title and say “but you shouldn’t ever do that. Restful APIs are stateless, duh”. This is correct.. but let's break that rule.

Sirisha Ancha

Use of 'nameof' in C#

There are often situations where we need to find the name of a property. With the introduction of 'nameof' from C# 6.0 we can reduce the reliance of magic strings in code.

Sirisha Ancha

Handling AJAX Postbacks using the UmbracoApiController

A brief introduction to using UmbracoApiController for Ajax requests.

Simon Miller

Sorting with Nestable and Bootstrap MVC

We’ve all had to write a drag-and-drop sorting module in the past, but this combination of jQuery plugin, Bootstrap MVC theme and .NET makes short work of it.

Matthew Bruce

Highrise view - how word gets around

Every now and again, you're reminded about how far-and-wide the Wiliam blog is read.

Simon Miller

A super-duper RadioButtonList helper

MVC comes with plenty of helpers, but often I need them to do more.

Simon Miller

Parsing Australian format DateTimes in MVC model binding

I don't know why, but .NET defaults to US format dates for everything.

So Su

Can only use UmbracoPageResult in the context of an Http POST when using a SurfaceController form

Are you getting "Can only use UmbracoPageResult in the context of an Http POST when using a SurfaceController form" errors from your controller's POST action?

Simon Miller

Where should you store your cart?

When building an e-commerce site, the question of cart persistence will usually rear its head.

Jason Deacon

ASP.NET MVC 5 View Model Collection Binding

Sometimes it's necessary to use a collection of complex types within a single MVC view and it's actually very easy.

Simon Miller

User IP address checking and Akami masking

I was recently faced with a task that required a website to validate a user IP for the purpose of opening up an extra section of the site if it fell within a certain range.

Matthew Cox

Thread exhaustion

One of the biggest headaches for any web developer is the 503 – “server too busy” error message from IIS.

Jason Deacon

Sensible MVC project guidelines

Often when developers start working on brand new projects they are overwhelmed with the decisions laid out in front of them in terms of where things go, what they are called, what things should do, etc. This almost always leads to people making the wrong decisions and crapping all over what could be a beautifully structured simple and straight forward project layout.

Simon Miller

Searching a decoupled Umbraco site

What is the best way to perform a content search on a decoupled Umbraco without the support of Umbraco Examine?

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