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The Umbraco revolution

Jason Deacon Team : Web Development Tags : Web Development

Software usually evolves over time, changing from the simple core concept that it started its life targetted at, in to something driven by the ever changing demands of its users. The evolution of software is typically predictible, slow, and at it's core, unsurprising. Features may be added here and there but rarely do they deviate from the core product to the point where where users are surprised.

Umbraco is no longer experiencing evolution, it's experiencing revolution.

The upcoming Umbraco 5 throws away the years of incremental and misguided changes and replaces them with an up to date, well-architected MVC 3 based design. Codenamed 'Jupiter', Umbraco 5 is now 100% done and ready to be used and is set to revolutionise the concepts which have driven Umbraco websites to this day. The new architecture allows developers to integrate and customise Umbraco 5 much more than it's kludgey predecessor, of which you could liken to a comparison between a 1980s VW Beetle and a 2011 Volvo XC90.

A few features that are part of Umbraco 5:

  • Hives: Different providers can be written to interface with different data sources, making it easier to integrate 3rd party data into your Umbraco website
  • New plugin system allowing more plugin flexibility and greater potential functionality
  • MVC 3: Use the familiar Razor template language and the Controller/View paradigm to build sites using technology you know and love

These developer-oriented features translate into more efficient, robust website builds.

Revolution is defined as "a sudden, complete or marked change in something".

The Umbraco revolution is about to begin.