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Jason Deacon Team : Web Development Featured

Decoupling Umbraco from your front-end website

In certain high-risk situations it is necessary to not operate your site on a live database. Here's a way to get a lot of the good stuff from Umbraco 7 and still satisfy the no-database requirement!

Guy MacArthur Team : Web Development Featured

Merchello - the answer to your Umbraco eCommerce needs?

Umbraco 7? Check. The new Merchello plugin for Umbraco 7? Check. eCommerce. Check, check, check!

Simon Miller

Searching PDFs with Umbraco

My current website has a simple requirement: combine regular page search results with PDF file results. Simple, right?

Sirisha Ancha

Handling AJAX Postbacks using the UmbracoApiController

A brief introduction to using UmbracoApiController for Ajax requests.

Matthew Bruce

Bootstrap for Project Managers (aka Dummies)

Bootstrap has been around for a few years now, and everything I'd read about it told me what a fantastic front-end framework it is. That everything is faster and easier and it can save web developers heaps of time. Unfortunately, that's also about all I knew about Bootstrap. Ignorance is bliss, right?

Matthew Bruce

Highrise view - how word gets around

Every now and again, you're reminded about how far-and-wide the Wiliam blog is read.

Simon Miller

Adding enhanced styling to the Umbraco TinyMCE editor

The humble WYSIWYG is an end user’s main interface to editing content on their website. As websites get more complicated, design gets more complicated, and in turn the slice gets more complicated, the WYSIWYG needs to provide more options for styling content.

Simon Miller

A simple split-text custom Umbraco datatype

Designers, eh? They just love making little flourishes on websites.

Guy MacArthur

Using PetaPoco with Umbraco is pretty sweet.

PetaPoco is a great way to extend the Umbraco CMS database, and I’ve put together a short tutorial showing how easy it really is.

Guy MacArthur

Updating Your Umbraco Lucene Indexes For Better Searchability

A simple way to enhance your Lucene indexes for searchability across comma separated numerical values.

Peter Nguyen

Umbraco Code-First: two plugins to keep an eye out for

One of the pitfalls with Umbraco was that you had to generate the properties required for your documents through the UI. Some developers, such as myself, would much prefer creating properties inside view or data models in the backend as normal CSS classes.

Guy MacArthur

Getting Descendants in Umbraco Examine

An easy way of getting descendant node index entries with a simple query, if you’re into that kind of thing…

Guy MacArthur

Is the Grid Layout property editor for Umbraco ready for primetime?

The answer is NO… but, it’s so very close!

Guy MacArthur

Merchello is the eCommerce solution we've all been waiting for

An eCommerce solution for Umbraco that meets your every need and want, by you building for it.

Vince Scordino

Umbraco 7.2 Compositions

With the latest release of Umbraco 7.2, we’re given a cool new feature called ‘Compositions’ for document types.

Guy MacArthur

Sprucing up the TinyMCE editor in Umbraco 7

A walkthrough on how to slap a little makeup on the TinyMCE editor in the Umbraco back office.

So Su

Can only use UmbracoPageResult in the context of an Http POST when using a SurfaceController form

Are you getting "Can only use UmbracoPageResult in the context of an Http POST when using a SurfaceController form" errors from your controller's POST action?

Guy MacArthur

Umbraco 7.2 - Property editor data storage limitation… resolved

A hidden gem in the Umbraco CMS 7.2 release that's simple, but powerful and opens the door to amazing new extensions.

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