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Kathleen Shrimpton

There’s no i in teamwork

Yes, I did just use a cliché title for this blog.

So Su

SEO Considerations and client side templating frameworks

A few weeks ago, I created a shopping cart application using Knockout.

Sticky Content - Does Your Site Stick?

Sticky content is a term referring to content published and used to grab the attention of visitors for extended periods of time. Webmasters set out to achieve a sticky website with attractive content in order to build up a community of returning visitors.

Top 4 SEO-Friendly Web Design Tips

Websites are primarily designed to be attractive to your target audience but don't forget it must also be attractive for search engines too. Here are some things to consider when designing your a website to be SEO-friendly.

Google Caffeine – Is Your Web Site Caffeine Tolerant?

Google announced last week that a major search indexing revamp had been in the works for the last few months. Named Google Caffeine, the new infrastructure promises to have improved crawling, indexing and serving of results.

The User Experience & SEO

Search engines have long used the user experience as the pedestal to measure a sites worth. Algorithms have been written and frequently updated to crawl through your site and ranking pages accordingly for different search terms.

Wiliam Staff

Increasing pages per visit

What is the current goal of your website? For some, it is to increase the conversion rate. For websites that sell advertising on a CPM (Click Per Thousand) basis, the goal is to increase the number of impressions per user.

The Best Footer Designs

Once the afterthought of website design, recently there has been a Footer revival. The real estate at the bottom of a web page is now being utilized as more than just polish on the apple.

Wiliam Staff

Why You Should Optimize Your Website for RSS

Like a newspaper or magazine gathers articles for readers, Internet denizens have taken to using programs that collect dynamic content of their favourite sites. This allows them to do create a single page that scans a list of websites to either previews fresh content or even provide entire articles.

Wiliam Staff

Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) expand the volume and quality of website traffic to a web site via search engines. The key to this is in understand how search results are created; the algorithms and phrases that form a site’s relevance and rank.

Wiliam Staff

Getting the most from Google AdWords

The buy-in for Google Adwords can be very low and yield massive results. This is the allure that has made their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign so overwhelmingly popular.

Jason Deacon

What Every Newsletter Needs

Electronic newsletters have taken the place of their conventional paper cousins. With the change in delivery mechanism comes the demand for change in format and content, too.

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