Getting the most from Google AdWords

The buy-in for Google Adwords can be very low and yield massive results. This is the allure that has made their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign so overwhelmingly popular.

But what seems simple at the start gets complex very quickly. The prices for the more popular keywords can be very high, and grow higher by the day. It is critical to ensure that the keywords your company chooses are both accurate and yet not too generic. Because the hidden algorithms Google employs are updated constantly, choosing the keywords is not a point-in-time solution but a process that evolves over time.

Similarly, the content of the ad that Google displays for your company should be carefully crafted. The right phrase can mean the difference of thousands of visitors to your site. Design elements like capital letters or ASCII art can also have a huge impact.

Packaging the right keywords with an attractive ad will reap huge traffic rewards, but may not equal success over time. Google is very concerned that the visitors that click on the AdWords get what they are looking for. They are also concerned that they get full value for the traffic they send your way, so they grade your landing page with something called a Quality Score. If your site has a low score, they may take away your keywords, a practice known as a Google Slap.

Keeping your website clear of the elements that could lower your score means staying current on Google’s rules. Similarly, raising your site’s score with fresh content and value to your visitors helps you keep the keywords that are working for your company at the price you bid.