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Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

These tablet experiences suck

I love my tablet. Until I was given one a couple of years ago, I never thought I'd like tablets as much as I do now. But that's not to say there aren't a few things that annoy me - and it's not the fault of the device. Fair warning, if you're not interested in a self-indulgent venting of certain tablet design 'faux pas' then move on. Otherwise, let me enlighten you as to why it's time to put an end to these all-too-familiar scenarios.

Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

The internet of things too far?

Are we complicating our lives unnecessarily by hooking everything up to the internet? This 'Internet of things' is becoming a bit like Skynet...

Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

How's business? Are you on-line yet?

If you're reading this, chances are this blog is irrelevant to you. But it's still interesting.

Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

The holy trinity of a successful project

This week I had cause to remind a couple of colleagues of the 'iron triangle' - a representation of the relationship between the forces that combine to constrain any project. Sometimes also referred to as the 'scope triangle' or 'quality triangle', it is also a traditional measure of project success.

Matthew Bruce

Bootstrap for Project Managers (aka Dummies)

Bootstrap has been around for a few years now, and everything I'd read about it told me what a fantastic front-end framework it is. That everything is faster and easier and it can save web developers heaps of time. Unfortunately, that's also about all I knew about Bootstrap. Ignorance is bliss, right?

Queron Jephcott

How to run a workshop

No, it's not just office clickbait. It's three points on not sucking at workshops.

Simon Miller

Why won't you let me watch it?

Australia has for the longest time been behind the times in how we make film and television entertainment available to watch.

Maximillian Crawford-smith

To app or not to app; that is the question.

It seems that everyone thinks they need an app without really understanding why!

Maximillian Crawford-smith

Designing the web for people

As web designers we should intrinsically understand UX, but every now and then someone comes up with something truly inspired.

So Su

Maintenance without requirements

It should work like this...

Robert Beerworth

Trapping your audience is a sign of fear

Give users what they want and you'll get what you deserve.

Matthew Bruce

Flipping out - a yearn for simplicity

Am I sentimental? Yes. And I'm right, sometimes. Maybe mobile phones still have a long way to go before we've designed the perfect interface. Meanwhile, everything old is new again, just you wait and see.

Robert Beerworth

Why you need to truly experience your customer experience; and not just talk about it

My experience with Telstra International Roaming is a case study of why you not only need to map your customer journeys and experiences, though you need to experience them for yourself... and observe real customers doing the same.

Bess Batterham

Love, Grandpa and Grandmaster Flash

Autocorrect; our best friend and our worst enemy.

Josh Shardlow

Project teams, conflict and my new desk

Perhaps there is an 'I' in 'Team' after all?

Robert Beerworth

Metrics and benchmarks for startups: pity they probably don’t apply to you

Truth be known, I was so excited to stumble upon these numbers that I started writing my blog before I finished reading the original article. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm ended up fairly muted by the time I finished reading, though here is my blog anyway: for people who are excited by metrics like me, however high-level and inapplicable they might be.

Edwin Antonian

The Lie that is Multitasking

In truth, multitasking is actually task-switching. Unfortunately our brains are not wired to perform multiple tasks

Guy MacArthur

Great gift ideas for developers

‘Tis the season and your developers have worked (mostly) adequately the whole year. Time to lavish them with developer appropriate gifts. Here’s a few ideas to keep them happy… or rather, not-unhappy.

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