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Google pushes Web Applications

Jason Deacon Team : Web Development Tags : Technology

Google have combined their online Word Processor and Spreadsheet systems into an online combination, able to be collaborated and published, all online with no additional software.

The word processor, formerly ‘Writely’, features a word-like interface with the ability to auto-save and collaborate with another user. Once you are ready, you are able to publish the word document to a blog or other means, as well as save in PDF, open office document, html (zipped) just to name a few.

The spreadsheet application looks like a slightly trimmed down Excel, but still allows cell formulae and formatting.

Since the move by more companies to produce ‘Web Applications’ as opposed to ‘Web Sites’, they have had to strive to cater to the volatile method of the web by allowing users to save using an AJAX-based AutoSave feature which can be turned on and off, depending on how brave you are feeling at the time.

Does this mean the end of standalone applications? Some say yes, I say no. Not being able to work because you don’t have a connection to the internet is, well, frightening.

Link: http://docs.google.com/