Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : iphone User Experience

Queron doesn’t like iPhone

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : iphone User Experience

One of our Experience Designers, Queron, does not like iPhone one bit. 

Its more about Apple and their policies and attitudes rather than the phone itself, though he does regard the locked-down OS inglorious and behind the innovation of Android.

I quite like my iPhone.

I also liked my Honeycomb Tablet for the first few hours until things started to go wrong. It slowed down, it crashed, it has different experiences across the OS and among the apps.

It took a week of tweaking until it recovered to the experience it is meant to be, though it never really recovered.

Bluetooth tethering breaks all the time. The Wi-Fi sometimes doesn’t work and I need to restart. 


The reason I like my iPhone is because it works. I might not get the toggles and switches that Queron and his Android have, though the toggles I have work every time.

Anyway, below is an email that Queron sent me about iOS 5. It is quite amusing. If you’re an Android fan-boy or a cynical Apple user such as myself, you’ll like it:


Notification Center

Queron: This has been on the Android platform, I am actually amazed that iOS didn’t have an equivalent. It’s just common sense.

Queron: Exactly like Andriod...


One-swipe access


 Queron: Once again, complete copy...


 Queron: Been on the HTC sense lockscreen for a good... 4 months, maybe 5.




 Queron: Wow... reminders hey. GROUNDBREAKING! NO ONE is doing ANYTHING like this. This technology must have crashed on some UFO. It’s up there with Velcro and the microwave...




Queron: Google ‘Twitter for HTC Sense’. Actually Google removes the pages from search after they’re old. You might not find anything actually...


Accessing your phone from the Lock screen


Queron: Android Diggidy-done it months ago...


Shutter Button


 Queron: GET OUT! (I think my Sony Ericsson did this, that old silver thing you were paying me out about when I first started)




Queron: Enhancements?!? What? Crop and rotate. Is this suggesting that the iPhone WASN’T doing this???


PC Free



 Queron: Wow, listening to Jobs say in April last year that Apple are dragging the chain on this. This is no impressive feat...




 Queron: Space age! What WILL they think of next... It’s got to be a pretty light release to be mentioning this...


In summary...

...Enjoy that update. I’m amazed you didn’t have to pay for this extraordinary list of features...