My favourite apps


I consider it as luxury commuting made easy in minutes on request, charged to your credit card on file. A game changer for anyone who needs a car to get them between destinations. Note they're a Google Ventures portfolio company, integrated on google maps app offering estimated time for trips using Uber. The best bit about Uber? There’s no 11% card surcharge like Cabcharge, live vehicle tracking and customer rating too. Rarely a car more than 15 minutes away and most of the time, it’s less than 10 minutes. Most importantly offers fare estimates, but if you value reliability over price, Uber is for you.


A fabulous social commerce solution which is what most distinguishes it from Pinterest, and is its best feature. With its ease of use, neat shuffle feature, users are sharing all of their latest trends and deals with their social friends. Features include; gift cards, wish lists, notifications, tracking and much more. Fancy is quoted as describing itself as, “a blog, magazine, wish list and store catalogue rolled into one”. A shopping enthusiast dream combo.


Connects taxi drivers directly with passengers. Provides vouchers to purchase by way of coupon codes and the option to share. You can pay for a taxi on the run and even pre-book a taxi for later. No queues, tap to call driver directly and watch your taxi approach in real-time.


Allows you to bring and upload all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere on smartphone or tablet and share link accessible to any files when you're on the go - no need for attachments. Features, favourites for quick selective file viewing. Best of all 2 GB of space for FREE.


The go to for help needed around the home or office. Whether it be a household chore, handyman request or perhaps a skilled work task that needs to get done on your to do list. Making our busy daily to do's easy to manage whilst on the run, by hiring skilled people & offering providers another avenue to earn more money. The bidding feature is a nice to have negotiating with providers to complete your task.