Google Removes iPhone Opimisation

In an unexpected and somewhat surprising move Google has removed a home page optimized for the iPhone and is instead routing these users to a general mobile page. The specialized iGoogle page offered a number of useful gadgets as well as a RSS reader. This information was displayed in a single column making it ideal for display on the iPhone. While Google informed iPhone users that their customisations should transfer to the generic mobile iGoogle page many users haven’t found this isn’t the case. The number of available gadgets is much lower and customizations are limited and more difficult to execute.

Google has been relatively silent on the switch explaining the change as nothing more than a desire to unify the mobile experience across all mobile platforms. iPhone users who have become accustomed to the advanced features have been fairly vocal regarding the sudden downgrade. Some have speculated that Google didn’t want to favor the iPhone since the launch of their own mobile operating system called Andriod. However, it appears that numerous Andriod users also utilized the iPhone optimised iGoogle page meaning that Google has also downgraded their own users. Perhaps Google’s decision was motivated by their struggling financial situation. Despite fourth quarter profits that exceeded expectations Google’s overall performance year to year fell dramatically leading to sweeping cuts in planned projects and staff.

This news comes on the heels of another iPhone related announcement. In the first three months of availability, Australians purchased 125 thousand iPhones. While experts predicted sales would be strong, no one thought the numbers would be quite so high. The sales are attributed to the excitement built over the product during the year and half wait enthusiasts had to endure. This is a good indication that the iPhone has made a strong start in Australia and will continue to gain market share. Unfortunately, Australian iPhone users will have to make due without Google’s enhancements.