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Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

These tablet experiences suck

I love my tablet. Until I was given one a couple of years ago, I never thought I'd like tablets as much as I do now. But that's not to say there aren't a few things that annoy me - and it's not the fault of the device. Fair warning, if you're not interested in a self-indulgent venting of certain tablet design 'faux pas' then move on. Otherwise, let me enlighten you as to why it's time to put an end to these all-too-familiar scenarios.

Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

The internet of things too far?

Are we complicating our lives unnecessarily by hooking everything up to the internet? This 'Internet of things' is becoming a bit like Skynet...

Jayde Smith Team : Web Production Featured

Mobile Website vs. Mobile App

When you begin planning a new website for your business, one of the first considerations that will come to mind is whether you want to build a mobile application for users to download in addition to your mobile website. A few thoughts.

Jayde Smith Team : Web Production Featured

Living with the iPhone 6 Plus

At the end of the day, the iPhone 6 Plus is too big for everyone to love it, but it's Apple's best phone to date and provides some real noticeable improvements for web browsing.

Vince Scordino

Apple's iOS9 Wi-fi Assist, Save Your Data Now!

With the release of iOS9 last week, Apple announced a new featured called "Wi-Fi Assist". With this featured turned on, users won't experience any buffering or connection difficulties on a weak Wi-fi signal.

Maximillian Crawford-smith

Mobilegeddon; go mobile or go home

Googles mobile friendly algorithm set to change the web.

Adam Tedeschi

Apps versus the mobile web: a 2015 update

The numbers are in and Facebook's dominance on mobile is as impressive as the continued relevance of the mobile web. Essentially, you probably don't need an app and most certainly, should have a mobile website.

Queron Jephcott

Is bigger actually better?

I’m just another person who made fun of phablets… then got one.

Josh Shardlow

Navigation and mobile devices

The navigation menu is one of the most important design elements on any website. Is the mobile version of your navigation any different?

Clementine d'Arco

Mobile first?

7 Arguments for mobile design first

Bess Batterham

5 Revealing New Mobile Stats.

A quick look at the stats for 2014 so far to see who is using smartphones, what mobile sites they're accessing, and where.

So Su

Mobile sites still an afterthought?

As sales from mobiles start to really dominate desktop sales, it might be a good idea to revisit your mobile strategy.

Belinda Campo

My favourite apps

For my first Wiliam blog, I have decided to share with you my top 5 apps...

Jayde Smith

Apple CarPlay

With the recent release of iOS7.1, Apple lifted the details on CarPlay, the long-awaited 'iOS for your car'.

Kathleen Shrimpton

The Kenzo mobile website is a great case study

Fashion brand Kenzo, has a great user experience on their mobile site with personalised loading icons and a great use of real estate.

Vince Scordino

Using jQuery with CSS Media Queries

As the world goes mobile, as web developers, we have a number of approaches available to us in terms of device detection and whether we go server-side or client-side.

Kathleen Shrimpton

Improve Your Mobile Checkout Process

Smashing Magazine recently came out with the 10 best practices for designing a better mobile checkout process.

Should I bother to build a desktop site or go for a Mobile website only?

It has finally happened, we have met with a client interested in Mobile website only. WOW!

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