The Kenzo mobile website is a great case study

Recently I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, when one of the boutiques I follow came up with a brand called Kenzo. As I was trying to pass time on the bus I decided to go to their site to see what clothes they had.

What stood out, apart from it being completely out of my price range, is that it has a fantastic mobile site! Clearly a lot of detail went into this as Kenzo were obviously smart enough to realise that the majority of their users will be browsing on their smart phones.


Loading Icon

Kenzo has come up with a customised loading icon for all their pages. This reinforces the branding and also clearly shows the user that something is happening rather than just relying on the default browser loading display. With a site that relies heavily on high res images, a personalised loading icon will make the site more user friendly.  

Kenzo Mobile Home


Narrowed Down Options

Kenzo also doesn’t overwhelm the user with too many options. Once you filter down into your chosen category through the mobile menu, Kenzo gives a lot of real estate to the images which is exactly what users want to see. There is nothing worse than having to flick through small thumbnails to pinch and zoom on a mobile site. Kenzo also shows their colour options by placing it to the right of the image to save space.

Kenzo mobile website


Menu Lock

When you are scrolling down the page, the menu locks to the top of the screen so that you can access it at any time. 

Kenzo mobile website