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5 Revealing New Mobile Stats.

Bess Batterham Team : Web Operations Tags : Technology Social Networking Mobile Web

These mobile stats come from Ofcom’s August 2014 Communications Market Report and even though they're based on UK research they can be generalised to Australian mobile trends as well.


In the past 8 months, smartphone use has increased from 51% to 61%, this increase transcending across all age groups and socio-economic groups.

With 88% of young adults are now using smartphones, and an impressive 14% of those aged 65 years and above. 


Accessing social networks

Facebook had quite a dramatic increase in a mobile audience since April 2012 to April 2014, their visitors increased by 2.1 million, an 11% increase.

Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn all added 0.5m to their mobile audience in the past year, growth of 6.3%, 19.2% and 20.8% respectively.


Accessing online retailers

There are no surprises that with the increase of people using smartphones, visitors to online retailers via mobile platforms are also increasing.

The graph below shows up to March of ths this year and although eBay had the largest audience in that month (4.9m) compared to Amazon (4.6m), the 2013 Christmas period for Amazon took its mobile audience to a peak of 5.8m.


WiFi use in Public Places


Devices used to connect to WiFi 

Connection to WiFi outside the home was most commonly done using a smartphone, with 23% of WiFi users using a smartphone to connect to WiFi abroad, 15% while travelling, 12% in a public place and 11% at work or a place of study.