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What’s the next step after launching your website?

Jayde Smith Team : Web Production Tags : Tips & Tricks Analytics

Ensuring that your new website lives up to expectations can often be difficult. Focus too heavily on the wrong things and it can quickly get away from you. When building a new website, clients often have a specific goal in mind. Generally, you can count on this being generating revenue. With that in mind, clients should be able to measure that success.

Drive & Improve Value

There are advantages for developing a post-launch strategy for your new website. You have the ability to direct the course of the project and improve its success and you have the opportunity to improve your relationships with your clients. So putting a plan in place around this is critical to your ongoing success.

Focus on providing results. When you deliver value, you make your customers happy and turn them into return visitors. A post-launch strategy should keep customers satisfied with the product you provide to them.

It Isn’t Just About SEO

It’s easy to look at SEO as part of your post-launch strategy as a bunch of marketing tricks. At the end of the day, SEO requires an ongoing effort. The simplest play here is to follow best practices. Using tools like Google Analytics improves your visibility into what is happening on your site. Staying up to date in SEO is critical and it is valuable for you and your customers.

SEO isn’t about having various tricks up your sleeve – it’s simple an important aspect to consider as part of you post-launch strategy.


One of the key things to keep in mind is that data beats out assumptions every time you consider a post launch strategy. The most important part of any post-launch plan and subsequent actions is that they must be accountable and measurable. Some metrics will end up being more important than others. However having a primary focus post launch on your website’s value will makes you a valuable to customers.