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Emailing your email lists via Facebook; wow!

Start dusting off those old email lists you spent years curating. The good ol' days are back.

Maximillian Crawford-smith

Cracking social media: how Facebook decides what is on your news feed.

Marketing your business on social media seems pretty straight forward; create a presence on social media, publish relevant and interesting content, get likes and critical mass will do the rest.

Matthew Bruce

Why you can't dislike something on Facebook

Everybody has had that moment (or maybe a few) where you wished you could 'dislike' something you've seen on Facebook. And you wouldn't be the first person who's wondered why there's no dislike button.

Simon Miller

Facebook Groups Buy and Sell

Facebook have noticed this rise in buy/sell/trade groups and have rolled out a new feature to accommodate – the Sell Something tab.

Bess Batterham

Love, Grandpa and Grandmaster Flash

Autocorrect; our best friend and our worst enemy.

Vince Scordino

No, you can't win a free car on Facebook

I'm sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but please listen to me when I say that you cannot and will not win a car on Facebook, ever.

Bess Batterham

"It's a Bess thing"

Merchandise companies are targeting potential buyers with name-custom clothes on Facebook, but how are they finding us?

Kathleen Shrimpton

Facebook introduces its new E-Commerce Feature

It's Facebook's second shot at eCommerce and it feels like it has legs.

Guy MacArthur

Facebook video ads, or how can Facebook get more annoying?

Just what Facebook users were asking for: autoplay video ads on their walls. This should piss nobody off, not.

Facebook and it's security issues

I would seriously suggest Facebook implement the instant verification approach as part of their next update.

Kathleen Shrimpton

Improving Customer Service Online

It is essential to make sure that you handle any complaints or queries through your social media correctly to not only win back your customer, but other users in the process.

Jayde Smith

Facebook's Redesign

The design changes will affect advertisers in a variety of ways.

Peter Nguyen

Introducing Facebook’s Graph Search

Pretty amazing stuff.

Trillian IM - Windows 8 - Skype Broken

Trillian , the IM client that enables you too link all your IM, Social and Email accounts is great! Only problem is, it's not yet ready for windows 8. Anyone who uses Trillian for IM and is running win8 – the Skype integration seems to be playing up (is for me anyway).

Robert Beerworth

Pinterest is a bigger threat to Facebook and Instagram

I reckon Facebook picked up Instagram, not because Instagram is growing, though because Pinterest is growing much faster.

Driving under the influence of Facebook

Driving is not the best time to be distracted. So why are more and more people using Facebook while driving?

As Facebook Floats, Don’t Let Your Website Sink

2012 is to be the year that Facebook finally has its public offering. Speculation is rife as to the value of the company, with a valuation as high as $100 billion touted. With all the cash that is about to roll into the company, what can we expect Facebook to do with it all, and what does that mean for your online business?

Robert Beerworth

Get over the Facebook Facepile on your website.

The benefits of Facebook’s Facepile on your website are tepid at best. It promotes Facebook and hogs the space of an MREC on your homepage.

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