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Introducing Facebook’s Graph Search

Peter Nguyen Team : Web Development Tags : Web Development Facebook

Facebook just announced an extremely cool and powerful search tool that lets you search through (basically) all of Facebook’s data.

It is designed to answer very specific questions about your friends, your data and public data available on Facebook. For example, you can search for ‘music my friends like’ and it’ll display you a list of all the songs your friends have been listening to repetively (either on Spotify or another music service that’s integrated with Facebook).

Pretty amazing stuff.

With Facebook quite possibly holding the most amount of highly personalised data in the world, this really does make sense. In the future, instead of searching on Google for where the nearest doctor is… you could be searching the doctors that your friends have been visiting and recommending. And in turn having a lot more confidence in visiting that doctor just because your friends have all been recommending about it.

You could also within a second ask Open Graph search to list all of your photos that you’ve posted when you were in New York. Or everything that you’ve posted last year. The possibilities are pretty endless.

Companies could even potentially search within their fan-base, segment it and offer more direct targeted marketing depending on the user’s collective interests.

Watch out Google – this is definitely going to change the way people search. For better or for worse.