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Facebook and it's security issues

Tags : Facebook

Let me start off by saying, I do not have a personal Facebook account. I had an account years ago but closed it because I didn't like the new privacy and security terms. A few weeks ago my inbox was full of emails from Facebook showing my progress on the social site - the addition of new friends, some private messages, liking alerts. What made things more strange was that these emails were in Italian! Needless to say as well, the friends were not mine nor the photos.

At first I thought this was a scam but the emails became more and more frequent. After some research I had discovered that an Italian girl had used my email address to create her own account, nothing malicious intended and perhaps a typo occurred. Either way, the most concerning thing is that someone can use any email address to create an account on Facebook and actually start building their social life. 

I have signed up to many websites and 99% of them require an email verification straight away. I was shocked that Facebook didn't apply the same security measures. I know they most probably require you to verify within a week of sign up, however that is too long. I wonder if it's a marketing strategy to get people using the website as fast as possible or just an oversight with their development?

I would seriously suggest Facebook implement the instant verification approach as part of their next update. By doing this they will avoid having fake and unusable data within their systems. Also it will make their current (or prospective) users feel more secure within the site.