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As Facebook Floats, Don’t Let Your Website Sink

Tags : Facebook

2012 is to be the year that Facebook finally has its public offering. Speculation is rife as to the value of the company, with a valuation as high as $100 billion touted. With all the cash that is about to roll into the company, what can we expect Facebook to do with it all, and what does that mean for your online business?

Currently 85% of Facebook’s $1 billion annual revenue comes from advertising. Having such heavy reliance on one method of profit is something every business should try to get away from. With that in mind there are several ways Facebook can go, one of which is to become an online wallet.

Much like the micro-payments that make the app store model so successful, envisage an internet where you can buy from a website just by clicking on a ‘Pay Using Facebook’ button. Given the profits that Apple are seeing from their app store, it is easy to see that an internet wide function for micro-payments (or any payment for that matter) has some serious profit potential.

That means 2012 is the year to get on board with Facebook. Everyone now has a profile, pages and even apps, but what doesn’t get so much attention is the ability to leverage the Facebook membership base. If you don’t have an option to login using Facebook on your site you miss out on an opportunity to not only associate yourself with the powerhouse brand in the mind of the user, but you also immediately have another member on your site. You can find out more details about Facebook for your website here.