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Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

Bootstrap for Project Managers (aka Dummies)

Bootstrap has been around for a few years now, and everything I'd read about it told me what a fantastic front-end framework it is. That everything is faster and easier and it can save web developers heaps of time. Unfortunately, that's also about all I knew about Bootstrap. Ignorance is bliss, right?

Queron Jephcott Team : User Experience and Information Architecture Featured

What does responsive web design mean?

Responsive web design is the buzz word at the moment, but what does it actually mean? How do you decide if a website is responsive? Before we answer these questions, we need to step back and define the word 'responsive'.

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Featured

How does ‘infinite scrolling’ affect SEO; and other issues

Infinite scrolling makes the web and your web pages nice and fluid. Unfortunately, this comes with some challenges you need to deal with in order to gain the maximum benefit and none of the downside.

Karl Hahn Team : Front End Developer

Modern CSS Techniques

Imagine that you wanted to keep the class names in your HTML as simple and functionally-semantic as possible, but you also wanted to have re-usable generic styles, with presentational-semantics, to avoid repetition.

Karl Hahn Team : Front End Developer

Classic CSS approaches: Strong vs Loose Coupling

In this article, we will be revising the different approaches that can be taken to class naming and writing CSS.

Mark Greenwood Team : Web Development

CSS only goodness: Part VI

Make SVG content scale correctly in IE

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy

Do clients really resize browser windows to test responsive design?

People are resizing browser windows. Which we knew and know but still... wow, they're resizing browser windows.

Jason King Team : Web Development

Bring your website to life!

No one likes a boring website. Luckily it’s now very easy to add cool CSS3 animations to your website.

Jayde Smith Team : Web Production

Can Responsive Design be wrong? 3 reasons says it can.

Responsive Design is seen as the superior successor to Adaptive Design with no downside. I beg to differ.

Mark Greenwood Team : Web Development

Responsive vs Adaptive website design: I've changed my mind

The entire web development industry is be-smitten Responsive design. And it is indeed a clever technology and with its place. But we are in a world where users and conversion come before technology, Adaptive design is your unlikely, un-cool answer. (Though soon enough you will think it is cool...)

Vince Scordino Team : Web Development

Chrome's Font Face Anti-Aliasing Issue

Annoyed at how Chrome renders fonts with subpixel anti-aliasing, which in turn can make fonts look more jiggered than other browsers?

Mark Greenwood Team : Web Development

CSS3 flexible width, fixed padding/margins

The "calc()" function is CSS3 is one of the more underestimated... which is a bugger given how powerful it is.

A taste of Bootstrap 3 and Responsive Design

The bootstrap 3 library now makes coding responsive design for today's different screen sizes a breeze.

Benjamin Tinker Team : Web Development

jQuery it up. But not too much.

Websites are becoming more and more dynamic. jQuery is great to this extent... though only to an extent.

Vince Scordino Team : Web Development

Using jQuery with CSS Media Queries

As the world goes mobile, as web developers, we have a number of approaches available to us in terms of device detection and whether we go server-side or client-side.

Mark Greenwood Team : Web Development

What's the difference between adaptive, responsive web design?

Using primarily HTML and CSS we can "fluidly" adjust the width of elements and even hide elements to fit the available space.

Vince Scordino Team : Web Development

CSS Max-Width and Max-Height Properties

Let me introduce you to the max-width/max-height properties.

Mark Greenwood Team : Web Development

Website optimization

How much unnecessary time are your customers waiting for your pages download? How does is it affecting your bottom line? It seems that these days users care more about load time than bells and whistles. Additionally, page load times are becoming more important to your seach engine rankings too.

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