Strategy for Writing Blog Content

Sometimes it’s not what you write about – it’s how that presents a big challenge. Finding the right tone, approach, and style to attract the right audience is part science, part art.

The best strategy is to have a target customer or reader in mind before beginning the blog. There is an old adage; "You can’t make all the people happy all the time." This is especially true of blogs, which are available by the dozen on almost every topic. Only by concentrating on the specific population that you want to reach will you be able to attract them.

Let's take the case of the Wiliamblog. For this blog, we speak in the same manner and tone as we do when we talk to our customers face-to-face. We keep things professional, but accessible, too. And the content is topical to the very things we talk about in the office, or in meetings. In fact, if we get asked an interesting question – we’ll often turn around and blog the answer for all our customers. We write freely, objectively, and with authority – the blog is extension of the knowledge we offer at Wiliam.

In writing a company blog, the best bet is to relate to your readers as you would with your customers in person. Stay on topics that relate to your area of expertise, be conversational, and remember that a blog should be written with the same attention to language and detail as any marketing piece. Ultimately, a successful blog is measured not by hit count, but by the value it offers your customers – and potential customers.