How To Create Blog Posts That Attract Readers

By now we all understand the basic benefits blogging can bring to your site. The search engine optimisation gains alone should be enough to convince you to invest in this area. Once you’ve picked your platform and devised a clever name for your blog you’ll find your hardest task still awaits. What can you write about that users will actually want to read?

Blogging follows many of the same rules of traditional publishing. First and foremost, write what you know. Hopefully you have a strong understanding of the nuances that make your particular market unique. Don’t take this knowledge for granted. By drawing upon your expertise you are not only providing readers with valuable content, you are establishing yourself as an expert in your field. It is also important to identify your target audience and ensure your posts are created with this group in mind.

While this approach will certainly get you started down the blogging path, there are certain types of posts that are more likely to attract and retain readers.

The How To or Tutorial Post
Users love learning new things, especially if the steps are laid out in an easy to follow manner. No matter what your niche there is something you can teach your readers. Examples can range from the sporting good shop that shows how to properly bait a hook to the online investment firm that explains how to protect your money in a poor economy. A well designed tutorial can also help drives sales by indirectly promoting goods and services.

The Controversial Post
Few posts will garner as much attention as a post centered around a hot issue. A well written post launched at the right time can have a viral response. However, these kinds of posts can be very tricky. They generally require a more experience writer to be successful. Also, you must always proceed with caution because you run the risk of alienating an important sector of your target audience.

The Summary Post
The issue today isn’t finding information. Instead the real problem is locating relevant information. With the number of site, blogs, and other content sources on a given topic users can quickly feel overwhelmed. Summary posts are generally well received among users because the author has already sifted through the overabundance of content available and located the true gems. Summaries can range from a link roundup that includes the best articles on a specific topic for 2008 to lists of best practices or quick tips.
No matter which route you choose remember to keep you content fresh if you wish to maximize your SEO potential.