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We're at Web Directions South 2013

Queron Jephcott Team : User Experience and Information Architecture Tags : Technology Web Development User Experience Featured

Day Two

Friday, 2:39pm

How the Internet of Things Changes how we Design

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Alexandra talks about the other side of the web; developing the physical products that the Internet runs on. With a background in Arduino, she covers some of the hurdles, challenge and rewards that you'll face building your device.


Friday, 12:47pm

Connected UX

Aarron Walter

Aarron's talk ends up being the most relevant to what I do day to day at work. A great case study on how Mail Chimp has focused the collection of user data to form information to create wisdom. A process that could benefit any of our clients!


Friday, 11:43am

Creating Good Content for an Imperfect Web

Relly Annett-Baker

Rob's the first one to talk about 'content is king' in 2013. Of course, easier said than dome and usually content writing is still rammed in at the end of the process. Relly uses a couple of examples of how content can be planned from day one to avoid problems in release three.


Friday, 10:27am

Beyond Mobile, Beyond Web

Scott Jensen

The most interesting talk I've heard yet. Scott talks about the smart trash that's coming out under the justification of taking an everyday item, slapping a screen on it and letting you send tweets from your toaster. Scott insists that it's the small problems that need solving, biting off more than you can chew is going to be trouble.


Day One
Thursday, 6:57pm

Barely succeed - it's easier!

Maciej Ceglowski

Barely succeed - it's easier

Maciej closes day one with a pretty interesting talk about his ditest of the startup industry and an interesting view of building paid-for apps over free. His justification:

if people like it, they'll pay for it...


Thursday, 4:15pm

Adobe Edge Reflow in action

Adobe Edge Reflow

Jeff an Jess used afternoon tea to check out Adobe Edge Reflow, Adobe's new tool for WYSIWYG responsive web design. Although at this stage it's limited in fucntionality, e.g. hyperlinks (the foundation of the entire world wide web), it looks like a great tool to quickly mock up responsive concepts and get them infront of users.


Thursday, 3:39pm

Deeper Interaction

Karl Fast

Deeper interaction

A deep thought provoking talk that left me feeling like my mind has run a marathon. A big insight into the way we think and extend that thinking using computers.

Thursday, 2:44pm

Stiff and Static Sucks

Pasquale D'Silva

Stiff and static sucks

An amusing talk about how much animation adds to interactions. Not only how animation helps explain transitions between web pages, but how the wrong animations can confuse and mislead.


Thursday, 12:44pm

Animating Web Content with CSS Transitions, Animations and Transforms

John Allsopp

A great talk on simple practical examples of how to get all important animations to run smoothly and efficiently with just CSS. Jeff was taking photos!

Thursday, 11:38am

The Weight of the Web

David Demaree

The weight of the web

David delivers a great introduction and checklist of responsive web design. Where we've come from print, what we've brought with us and what we need to leave behind.

Thursday, 10:08am

People, Not Users

Rachel Binx

People not users

Rachel gives a thought provoking opening keynote about the different aspects of your life being expressed through different social networks. Facebook is your old home town trapped in the past so don't prompt people post things they wouldn't take back to their hometown.


Thursday, 8:51am

Opening key note about to start!

We're sitting here at the start of Web Directions South 2013 in the Sydney Convention Centre...