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CES2015: Fitness, wireless earphones, crazy cars and fixing the TV

Queron Jephcott Team : User Experience and Information Architecture Tags : Technology News

The start of the year means failed resolutions to most, but it means excitement for digital enthusiasts. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the first week of the year is a chance to see all the latest ideas from the world’s biggest tech companies.

This year showed some interesting treads; not many tablets (called it two years ago), Her-inspired actual wireless headphones and seemingly never-ending evolution of the television.

Firstly, tablets

Tablets are over, they had their chance, but no one could really find anything useful to do with them, sure we could watch videos, browse the web and play games, but those are all just entertainment. Tablets just can’t seem to make the jump into a genuinely useful tool outside entertainment. Thus, it appears we’re over them if CES is anything to go by, not a lot of tablets this year except the goal-kicking Dell Venue 8 7000, a world-leading thin, almost bezel-less 8.4” Android tablet.

The true definition of wireless

Anyone who’s seen Joaquin’s performance in Her, probably spent a little time trying to decide if his wireless ear plugs were either the future of headphones or the future of most-lost devices. Either way, we’ve made them. The film wasn’t THAT sci-fi. Bragi's "The Dash" went all out and didn’t just stop at wireless, they also dropped in some fitness functionality, which appears to be a necessity for any smart device today.

Lastly, television

You’d think television would be dying out in an on-demand world, Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings has called it, but someone always seems to fine yet another way to improve a near 100 year old technology. Sling TV have managed to merge of the world of free-to-air and on-demand. The best of both worlds (provided you have a decent Internet connection, sorry regional WA!).

All-in-all another interesting year at CES. Every year seems to carry a different theme that usually creates a pretty accurate landscape of the next twelve months of technology.